Saturday, August 21, 2010

Normal service to resume shortly... please hold...

Well I'm currently at the Longerenong BnS ball, which, kinda confusingly, is being held 25km from Longerenong, in Kalkee... Because they were barred from the old venue after last year. I don't know what happened there, because I was home being normal, but I suspect they tore up all the grass doing burnouts, which is why this year we are at a racecourse, where its all white metal/gravel grounds and less greenery to be regrown.

Frankly, its all a bit boring. Becky just arrived, which is a bit weird since she left before us yesterday, so one would have assumed she would get here first, but casey and I have been here nearly 3 hours.

As a result, here I am on the internets. I've got the car charger (though the lappy can muster about 4 hours of use on battery and I full charged it overnight at the motel) and the telstra USB internet thingie, which is being a bit irrational, and only giving me edge signal if and when it feels like it.

Also, because its being surprisingly sunny, you could dam near fry eggs on the touchpad, which is in the sun. I touchscreen anyway.

Anyway, the deal had been pretty much that I would drop Casey off and go back into Horsham (about 15 mins drive) for some shopping. But now she's all worried that if I leave there wont be anywhere for me to park when I get back.

But the actual ball doesn't start for another 6 hours. I have no drinking to occupy my time, and I'm going slow on the lollies so I don't sugar crash before I get started. So far I've had one packet of jelly tots and 5 raspberry twists in 3 hours, and that's about as fast as I want to go for now.

So, do I wait around bored or go into town and potentially lose my carpark. I dunno. Local time is about 1.30, so, assuming shops close at 4 like they do in the mount, I'm needing to decide in the next half hour or so.

I think I might see if I can get anyone to protect my space.

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