Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Pinnacle of Awesomness (thus far...)

On a sliding scale of things, the weather is shit, work was mediocre and this here is effing brilliant!

It might look like I have finally mastered Electric Quilt, but I haven't. This was done, like most of my designs, in paint, but for the first time ever, I'm using a single line of fabric, or more specifically a single Moda line of fabric, and you can download swatches from their website. Then its simply a matter of printscreening your file explorer page so they're all nice and small, chopping them up an wallah! Proper looking quilt design. No more plain colours pretending to be patterns they're nothing like. 

Granted, in real life there will be way more repeats of the design per square, but my laptop has a fairly small screen, so you have to make do. But those are the actual fabrics, in the actual colours, in the actual places.

I'm totally squeeing right now.

What I should be doing instead of squealing like a fat kid who's found cake is working on finalising the design for Helen's baby's quilt. Since that's made from a single line of Moda as well, I'll be doing it the same awesomeness-resulting way, but instead of being the nice 3-designs-4-colourways setup of this one, its a bit of a mix and match. Loosely, there's the 4 colourways, but the designs are a bit higgledy piggledy, so the same repeated graduation certainly wont happen.

Unofficially it's due on the 16th, but I'm sure it wont matter if it's late. We're both trying to do the commit to finishing one thing before starting the next thing, thing, and my aimed for completion date for the purple quilt is Saturday sometime, and there's no way I could do a whole another quilt in 2 days.

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