Tuesday, August 17, 2010


After pushing so bloody hard for the past few days, my crafting has pretty much fallen into a practical, not pretty heap. 

Today, I altered my jeans.

Tomorrow, I will repair Casey's jeans.

There's no plans to start quilting till I get back Sunday afternoon.

Well... No real plans.

As well as the 2 battings (which I will get back to) I bought a pink woolen baby blanket kit. It's only 80 by 120cm, but then it was also only $8. I'm thinking I might use that for my tickertape, cause I'm feeling uber-lazy, and I could get away with no batting.

But not right now. Not only am I gunna be too busy driving myself bonkers trying to sort out this weekend, but Kelsey has all my scraps for hers.

Anyway, back to the batting - I went and got it and then at the post office I got a spend-$100-and-get-$40-off voucher in the mail. So instead of buying them today I should have waited till Thursday and got 4 of them for $60, instead of 2 for $40. 

Can I be bothered doing that though? Taking them back and then buying more? I'd feel bad but I'm fairly sure that Nikki or Sarah would be fine with it. Davina would have a bit of a bitch, but then, she's a bit of a bitch, so meh.

What I should be doing is working on a dress for Saturday night. I bought a ballgown on eBay a few months ago and if I don't get around to anything else, all that needs is a 30 second take-in at the boobies, and a half hour attaching of an extra underskirt. Or I have the dress that I wore to the work Christmas show a couple of years ago, although that's a) too freaking awesome to risk being ruined by food dye and b) a lightweight summer dress that's not really suited to being worn in 10° weather. But this time, I wont be forgetting my awesomest fur coat, that I got for $15 at the Salvos and wear as a big up-yours to PETA, who euthanize animals rather than re-home them, and think sheep should die of flystrike, because it's natural. Also, It's deliriously warm.

But still, I cant wear just a coat. Last time I wore a 3/4sleeve top that was once a dress, and a big boofy bubble skirt that was also once a dress.

I like chopping stuff up.

But I have a nice dress pattern, that's very low cut, that I can shorten into a top and pair with a big boofy skirt (full of nice warm layers and good at hiding the fact that I have pants on underneath. I get cold.)

Here's to hoping.

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