Monday, August 2, 2010

Oooh, craftbloggers quiz...

1. Why blog? How did you start?

This is my third blog, not including the beloved facespace. The first was here on blogspot, and was made in about 2003/2004ish, and has since been lost to the mists of the internet. The second was a livejournal, where I hung about being emo, and now use to spy on old enemies who, since I didn't use it for about a year before our falling out, have forgotton that I'm still on their "friends" list and can therefore read anything they post. Mainly, I wanted somewhere to host the toy patterns I had every intention of sharing with the internet. Admittedly, this has not yet come to fruition but I found my book of neat copies of the patterns (as opposed to the scungey notepad paper ones I use normally) so now I've just got to work my way up to scanning them in, which is quite a big job as the scanner is in the big lounge, where I hardly ever go.

2. Family taught/Self-taught/Trained?

Family (mainly 2 grandmas and Helen, my aunt) until I hit my teens, and from then, pretty much just making it up as I went along, with a little help from the internet. When I was in year 10 the craft class staged an uprising against their teacher and had me installed as her replacement, which was both a blessing and curse, as I had my fitness and leisure class at the time (we agreed that I would go for the 2 double (1 1/2hour) lessons a week and they could stick with their regular teacher for the 45 minute lesson, as that was when we did bookwork for f&l, and that got me out of the actual sports but maintained me a B- grade for the semester)

3. Workspace - studio or kitchen table?

The sewing machine is in the bedroom, but I have at least moved off my actual bed and now sit on a gray pouf that sat in my car boot for over a year, until I got dumped and my plans for it changed.
Ironing is done on the kitchen bench, and most of final design work is done on the lino, as is the basting. I do it in the middle of the night though, so as to not get in anyone's way.

4. Blog/Shop name, where does it come from?

As discussed in my opening post, I came up with it the night before I started this after I stepped on a pin and took one sock off to see how much I was bleeding. I then couldn't be bothered putting it back on, and spent the night wearing only one sock.

5. Favourite medium to work in?

Fabric. Always has been fabric. Very into quilting at the moment but I have always thought of myself as a "soft engineer" - bags are probably my favourite but I also love working out the structure of a perfect garment. The way something that is not only soft but also very 2 dimensional can be transformed in to something that's almost 4 dimensions - the fourth being practicality as well as the usual up, down, out - is probably my favourite part of being a crafter.

6. Ambitions/future directions/future projects/medium you'd like to try?

The website I copied this quiz from said "I like pottering around, I want someone to pay me to potter. I don't think that's too much to hope for." And I couldn't agree more. In my brain I would like to design fabric, but in the real world I'm a shit design drawer (person who draws, not something for putting cutlery in) I can only draw what I can see, not what I might like as a design on fabric, so that's never going to happen. I like the idea of doing this properly, being a craft blogger or writer, but I tend to get distracted and write instead about all the adorable stuff my cat has done today.

7. Are you neat and organised or, ahem, creatively messy?

Messy. And not even creatively so. I simply have way too much stuff, and not nearly enough space. I've learnt now how to not buy most of the stuff I don't need (overshoping was a massive problem for me as soon as I got an income) but the thing about crafting is that you simply don't know what you will need, so you buy it just in case. I've stopped buying yarns at least, since the cats chew through anything I try to knit. Still, my room is filled with some half dozen 55L tubs, and there would be twice that out in the sheds. Beads, yarn, fabrics, half done projects, notebooks, bags, toys, I have it all.

8. Favourite handmade, handcrafted item you own?

Bit of a toss up here. My handbag is my most used thing. As an achievement, to do the rainbow quilt as a first quilt, in 10 days, then to enter it into a competition and have it achieve moderate success, that's a freaking high achievement. The retro quilt is my favourite though, because to my eyes, it seems so "quilty". My laptop bag is a fully padded, fur lined, soft engineering triumph, though I never use it now because I never take my laptop anywhere (I used to take it to the ex's 3 times a week.) And the top that I wore to Jess' party last Saturday week, that's freaking awesome too.

9. Favourite food/recipe?

Cant really cook, though I will say that Inghams chicken strips need to be oven baked, whereas Golden Circle straight cut crunchy chips need to be deep fried. I also love coke, and lettuce, and strawberries (even though they give me a belly ache) and jelly tots, and milo on tea breaks, and fritz in the middle of the night.

10. Favourite colour?

Green. The green that the Huggies green fabric softener used to be, before they changed the formulation and it became mildly darker. You can also get it in the cheap embroidery thread at Spotlight, the one that isn't Anchor or DMC.

11. Star sign?

Aquarius, but not a horoscope reader.

12. Favourite place, landscape?

Anything I'm looking at at night through the windscreen of my car. Doing 100 on an empty highway, stereo blaring, the horizon beckoning... If I could write this from the drivers seat of my car, every word would be poetry. It's where I do my thinking, where my ideas come together. It is my only place that for the most part, is a place for only me. The thing I miss most about being single is not having someone who gets all your in jokes, or kissing, or hugging, or sex, or any of that. It's the excuse to go for a 20minute drive 3 nights a week.

13. Any tricks for juggling life/work/family with creative pursuits?

Get up around lunchtime. Interact with your family then, as well as with the shops and the post office. Work 3-11. When you get home, take an hour or so to have some food, relax on the internets for a bit. Then, you've got 4 solid crafting hours before you can go to bed for your 8 hours of sleep. NOTE: this only works if you are 22, and your parents work from home.

14. Favourite artists?

Blergh... Lila Tueler has designed 2 or my favourite ranges (Eden and Soire'e) does that count? Here's an alternative, I've never seen a Kaffe Fassett fabric I would buy. Even if it was in the $2 a metre clearance bin. I simply do not get everyone's obsession with his stuff. His patterns are way to busy for my liking, with too many clashing colours in too small an area, and his edges are not neat. This anti-Kaffe attitude seems to make me unique on the internet.

15. Favourite blog post/thing you've made/photo?

Blergh again... none really. Not till I get the flatbear patterns out on the internets.

16. Three words to describe you?

concentrated (not like orange juice, more like that I focus intently on whatever it is that I'm doing. I tend to scrunch up my forehead a lot)
off-kilter (if I say or do something odd, assume its an obscure reference to something you haven't seen and move on, otherwise there will be explanations. long, convoluted ones)
proficient (this might seem a bit up myself, but I seem to be lucky enough to be either good at most things or able to fake my way through them. The best tip I can offer is this - don't attempt something you will be no good at. This is why I play no sports, and am happy to chat inanely with customers while avoiding saying more than 2 words to management. There are some things I simply cannot do)

17. What do you like to do besides creating?

Illegally downloading episodes of American and British TV shows as soon as they have finished airing, which is usually 6 months before they air in Australia.
Playing with the cats.
Country Karaoke at Flannies every second Saturday.
Driving fast.
Shopping online.
Going to the post office.
Sleeping in.

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