Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Let's be seeing how it goes...

Just discovered Blogger-In-Draft. It's a bit weird, but weirdness seems to be the theme of the day, what with Honeycat randomly deciding to go apeshit at Graham (the dog) because it's a bit cold out, and he was wearing a doggie jumper. At least we figure that's why. Maybe she just had enough of his whiny, more of a scaredy-cat than the actual cats attitude. 

So the main thing about this blogger in draft is that it has this little stats tab at the top. And that little stats tab tells you all sorts of interesting things about the people who read your blog, like what operating system they have (only 1 mac so far) how they got to your blog (one of them searched google for kaffe fassett - my only mention of him has been a diss... they must have been dissapointed...) where they are from (4 from China, one each from Latvia, South Africa and Israel) and all sorts of other random shit.

Thus far I've kinda made a point of not splashing this around much, which I suppose is reflected in the fact that I have 108 viewings (38 of these can be assumed to be me as 38 of the views were done with Firefox). This is all still just ramblings with very little in the way of useful content, unless you are Helen and would like to know how my quilts are going, or Simone and want moral support in your war on Louise, which you cant post openly about on Facebook because other people from work are on there (I'm with you sweetheart)

But, eventually, I'm gunna get around to scanning in my toy patterns, cleaning them up in the computer and writing a tutorial for them, so that maybe the world can find something useful here.

Not today though, as I now have to go to work for 9 1/2 hours.

Big freaking gah.

PS. noticing that this blogger in draft doesn't randomly change my font to whatever it feels like when I stop typing for a minute... if it can deflect Babycat keystrokes as well, I'm in love.

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