Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Umm, how bout no..?

So I finally got an email from shipito last night saying that they had received my packages. All 3 of them. But then I went to the website and there were only 2. But there should only be one, and since they are both exactly the same size and weight, I'm thinking there is only 1.

What's more, they initially said it would cost $120 to send them, which is almost 10 times what it should be ($13.95 for a flat rate envelope)

If I lived in America, I'd set up a company especially for foreigners who wanted to buy fabric. I would fold it all neatly into seven yard bundles and put it in flat rate envelopes, saving everyone hundreds of dollars. And since I'm fairly sure I could do a bundle in about 10 minutes, I would only charge about $4 per package, as that would earn me over $20 an hour.

It's a good business opportunity for someone in the US. And I would give sooo much business to anyone who offered it.

In other news, I sent off an email to camera lady saying I would be returning it. So another big wait for the inbox, as well as the postbox.

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