Wednesday, August 25, 2010


But I'm still not feeling it. It's too cold, too wet, too miserable, and my bedroom is too messy and my cats too psychotic for me to really achieve much in the way of sewing.

My stubby holders are still just little piles of fabric, there's still clothes on and around my sewing machine that need to be organised/washed/put away, and even if I was feeling motivated enough to sew, I'm not feeling motivated enough to clean.

To make myself feel better though I got the designing done for the boat quilt, because silly me has decided that I can get it done in time for Father's Day. That said, I'm going for uber-easy (2 pieces per 20cm), and we all agreed that it would be better to do it as a quilt cover than as an actual quilt, since it's a boat, and therefore too freaking cold to use a little thin piece of bamboo to keep yourself warm. Good news is this means that instead of having to wrangle a big bit of wadding through the machine, I can just in the ditch it onto another piece of fabric. Bad news is it means I have to do buttons or press studs for the closure.

Here's the design as a plain colour concept.

And here it is with the fabric, although as ever the patterns aren't to scale.

There will actually be about 10 fish in each big block. The final size is about 1.4mx2.2m. Ish. Each square is mathed at about 20cm, and I have a seriously boofy single bed quilt that's 145x215 that they can use for it.

What's more, because I went seriously overboard on my fabric buying, there should be enough for some pillowcases and a couch throw too. And that should get me out of having to get him anything for Christmas.

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