Thursday, August 19, 2010

Does it look like I care?

Yes it's naff.

Yes, my time would have been better spent working on a dress, or going through my wardrobes like my sisters were doing.

But... It's a stubby holder, which one needs for both road trip and B&S balls, both of which I'm attending this weekend, and it proclaims to any other quilters I may encounter that I too am one, and just maybe I will meet someone who will look at my stubby holder and go "oh, you quilt too?" and I will explode with happiness.

Because it's only a prototype it's a bit shoddy in places (mainly the base) and it's a bit too tall and a bit too tight, but because it's 2am and I just did it, it's quite possibly the best idea I have ever had.


PS. if I work out a better way of doing it, that doesn't involve an hour of hand stitching, I'll probably do a tutorial.


  1. Do you seriously think you would ever meet someone at a poxy B&S that would even be half as clever or interesting as you

  2. Noone is/was, but it wasn't a bad night.
    I didn't even rock the stubby holder in there, because I didn't take a drink in. It was good in the car though...