Friday, August 20, 2010

It's all downhill from here...

I didn't get around to making a second stubby holder, because I got a bit caught up finishing myself a ball gown.

Cinderella didn't have to stay up till 2am sewing her own dress. Lazy cow.

Okay, so I didn't have to do most of it. I bought a dress off eBay a while back, and all I actually had to do to it was take it in at the bust and shorten it by about 10 cm.

What did keep me up was my doona style underskirt, for extra warmth, boof and swish. Basically it's 4 layers, the bottom and top are flanellete (warmth) and the middle two are tulle (boof and swish.)

So that's all I've done. Well, that and empty out my car and refill it with a million billion blankets and a swag. And an esky. And enough food to feed a small army. And 18 bags of jelly tots.

So now all that needs doing is a quick, curse word inducing leg wax, a 3 1/2 hour smokeshop shift and a note to Maddy about catfood.

And then I'm off till Sunday night.

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