Thursday, August 26, 2010

A small sense of achievement.

Casey decided she wanted to fall asleep on my bed tonight so I had to stay out in the lounge getting stuff done. I'm still not feeling it, which is why I had to push myself to 2/3rds of the cutting.

Dad's quilt, obviously, that being the one that's currently top of the list. All the skinny lines are cut (7.5 x 21.5cm to make a 6 x 20cm stripe) as well as the green backed fishes (15.5 x 21.5 to make 14 x 20cm block) leaving the fishes on light and dark blue still to be cut.

The main difficulty with the fish is that half need to face one way and half the other. I couldn't quite manage to do it with the contrast fabrics, since 13 is not a number that divides well and there was no way to make the bits fit without at least one of them having a weird seam. But I have 3 times as much of the fish fabrics, even though technically I only need twice as much.

Sure, this generates heaps of scraps, but I don't mind. I'll feel better if they all face the same way, and I have enough to do it.

I also came up with a nice little story for the fishes. But first, there's a reason for a story.

Dad was shitfaced last night but fortunately everyone else was still up too and he couldn't really focus on upsetting any particular one of us (except Maddy, who was cross that he wouldn't shut up and let her sleep. It's a school night.) The only problem he could pick up on with what I've been up to lately was that the fish on the fabric didn't look scared enough. Any fish in or around his boat, he felt, should have a look of terror on their faces, because he would be coming to get them.

The Odyessea fishes on the other hand, are happy (well, expressionless but prettily patterned) so I've decided that they are the souls of all the fish he's already caught, in a fishy heaven.

Yes I know I don't believe in the ideas of souls or heaven or any kind of afterlife for that matter, but how the hell was I gunna make some cartoon fish look scared huh?

In other news, fabric in the mail day.

I had had a good feeling it was gunna be today.

I've got a US$45 cart waiting at, half of which is more of the Nutmeg Autumn fabric that I got in that bundle, and there's still that money in the paypal account (believe it or not, I haven't actually been doing much internet spending, what with all the real world spending I've had to do) and in the past I've gone with a rule about not buying more through an unknown channel until the first lot is here, which it is. So I could get it, and wait a month (this lot took 34 days) for it to get here.

Or I could get something else that would get here a bit quicker.

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  1. Oh Sara you got mail and you didnt share the love, Im disapointed. As for the ungratefull one, those fabrics are way too nice and good for him anyway. Send your scraps our way love, we dont care if they arnt looking the right way.