Thursday, September 2, 2010

But it's not even late....

It was a long day at work and stupid me agreed to another long one tomorrow, completely forgetting that Big Bosses are down (which is the only reason they wanted more people on - when I'm in charge they can't seem to afford to give me even enough staff, let alone extras.)

As a result... can I possibly go to bed at midnight? I was gunna lube up the machine (I finally remembered to get some WD40) and do the second lines on the boat quilt tonight, but my levels of feeling it have descended into the negatives. Also, my right nostril has completely blocked itself off, which is very annoying, and makes the right-front corner of my head really heavy, which is even more annoying.

That said, today hasn't been a complete write off - as well as the 7 hours at work ($127 before tax) and the remembering to get WD40, I made an appointment for Honeycat to be desexed (Monday) and did the computer draft of the first baby sized mini quilt.

It's more of a "test the theory" kind of thing than a firm statement on what goes where, just to see that I could indeed do it without anything needing to touch. The theory holds, and leaves in it's wake the equivalent of 8 neat 16ths (19x21cm blocks), which I can put with the pale blue fabric I got today at Spotlight, to make the back. It's not a perfect colour match, but it's pretty darn close.

All that seems like enough achievement for one day, so I'm gunna make with the sleepage.

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