Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We are home safe, and, if I'm honest, I'm ready for bed.

How do y'all do this morning thing? I just cant.

Still, even though I'm thinking of bed, I'm also thinking I want to get started on clearing out my room. I'm 3 days behind now, and the boxes are out in the car. I'm also wanting to have a sortie of my new fabrics, put them with others and hope that they slot into the holes in some other projects I'm thinking of.

There's also the new project that I thought of on Monday, that I'd LOVE to make a start on. But, and this will sound a bit odd, I feel it's a quilt that should be made in the middle of the day. It's not a horror movie quilt, I just imagine it having a lot of back and forth from the kitchen where I iron to my bedroom where I sew.

Maybe because of that I should wait till my room's a bit more sorted in the hopes of ironing in my room. I dunno.

New episode of White Collar should be here in an hour or so. I'll fartarse till then, hopefully at least get myself unpacked and fabric-orgainsed.

Photos coming soon.


  1. I hope you had time to go to Spotlight in among all your protesting.

    Thank you for running around to make sure I had fresh crab for dinner tonight. He was delicious with butter.

    Kidding - he's sitting on my computer desk and I'm giving him "the talk" about living safely in the big smoke. Thanks again. He's one handsome crab and he'll be well taken care of by a certain little person I know.

  2. Mmmmmmmornings are over rated! Having said that if you get up super early and exercise you feel great for the rest of the day, having said that, now I have two babies I dont have time for anything, certainly not exercise.
    May I suggest you get up early and clean your room, the sooner you get it over with the nicer your small world will be. Cant wait to see the new purchases

  3. Bugger even if I blog in the evening I cant beat Shay to the punch lines.Beat me by 2 bloody minutes, have I gotta stay up all night to beat this lady, she is a cracker...well done Shay win. Oh and that crab was lovely, you should try it with some chilli sauce

  4. lol @ cake..I dont have a life. Im here in the morning -Im here in the evening and I even had time after my 9 hour workday to eat dinner out and see a movie.

    Im so sad...

  5. I dont think your sad at all Shay, My life is pretty simple, a husband two babies a job and no time for a life so I have to get excited about Sara's fabric purchases. My challenge for the day is get out of bed, change babies nappies, read Sara's Blog and beat Shay to the comments.
    What can I say other than "Sometimes your the dog and sometimes your the tree" but seriously Shay I love your comments, look forward to reading them as much as Sara's blog.