Wednesday, February 2, 2011

That really was a dumb idea...

I have spent the last 3 hours pressing, and cutting, and interfacing, and sewing and I really don't have anything to show for it. I haven't even finished the linings yet.

I'm making some more little purse pouches. I've decided to make a half dozen at once and it's taking bloody forever, because Casey was insistent they have the little card slots in the sides.

This is why quilt blogging is so much easier. In three hours I can have a whole top made, or at least laid out so the floor so I can take a photo. I'm hideously bored with this and I have nothing to show for it yet.

What's worse is that I decided to do this tonight instead of quilting the swag quilt for exactly that reason*. And I know that there's nothing to say I need to blog every day - indeed, I know of noone else who does - but it's nice at the end of the night, after having not said anything to anyone** for the last 3 hours, to spout out some words. They may be pointless, but at least I'm having my say.

I guess the thing is, to me this isn't really a quilt blog. It's just a blog about stuff I'm doing, or thinking about, and that happens to currently be quilts. More specifically, tonight what I'm doing is not quilting, and what I'm thinking is "I could be quilting right now"

Instead, I'm going to bed. When you start blogging to the tune of local car dealership jingles, it's clearly long overdue.

*Also, I had nothing to watch. Except a whole heap of No Ordinary Family, 3 seasons of Burn Notice on DVD and season 5 of Bones. Or maybe I didn't realise it at the time, but I wanted to do thinking instead.
**Except myself. And the fridge, and the iron, and my milkshake. And the sewing machine and the laptop and my shiny new phone which arrived today. Okay, I kinda just killed my own argument there. Here's a new one - the fridge has never even commented. Not once. So, new point, it's nice to spout words to people who care. (sing it so it sounds like the Barry Maney jingle if you've ever lived in The Mount)


  1. My first thought was OG Roberts...ahhh yes I recall Barry Maney - I suspect they've changed their jingle in the last 10 years.

    When you finally get the pouches done you'll be happy because that will be multiple finishes. I like quick and fast myself from time to time because my quilts take forever!

    Maybe I should make a quilt this year that only takes a week instead of three months ?

  2. You should remind yourself why you took up quilting and why you liked it so much, how long does it take to make a laptop bag or a camera bag? Im a personal fan of multiple makes but I always finish one first for personal satisfaction and so I know its all going ok. It also keeps the momentum up to finish all the other things some idiot decided to cut out at the same time.
    When are you and Casey coming over for crafternoon?