Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gender Neutral Progress.

A half an hour ago when I was finishing up my quilting, I wrote in my brain an absolutely brilliant blog post. Now that I'm packed up and in front of the laptop I can't remember any of it.

Anyway, lets just look at the pictures.

The tickertape quilt is all finished. This was taken before it went through the machine, and it needs quite a few threads trimmed now, but I'm letting it air dry, and I'll do it once it's dry, because they're still clinging quite badly.

The reason the binding looks especially shoddy is that I did it like the tickertape. Flat binding, sewed to the back first, and then folder over and sewn, and trimmed down with the pinking rotary cutter. I quite like it, because it means it's all alike.

I had hoped to get a second quilt done today as well, but I only got the top done. It's fairly teensy, about 95cm square. Totally cute though.

I've still got to piece a back with my leftover bits (I used about 20cm of each of my 25cm cuts) and quilt it, but I'm already a little bit in love. To the point of considering making it again, double size, as a second swag quilt. Same fabrics even.

But much to be done before then. Still, yay progress.


  1. Love the idea of pinking the binding !

    Your second quilt for yesterday (good grief how do you do it -Im in complete awe) is a cutie too.

  2. Sara the Monkey Business ticker Tape quilt looks fantastic and the pinked binding looks great, I would love to see it again after quite a few washes when it starts to get character.
    The stripey quilt looks absolutly beautifull, you have to show me that one in real life.
    Absolutly fabulous and how many quilts can a skinny girl get in her swag???