Sunday, February 6, 2011

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...

Although I haven't actually gotten around to blogging about it yet, I'm currently on a massive milkshake kick. At least one a day for the last week, sometimes two. But because I usually make them in the middle of the night, when everyone's asleep, I needed a much quieter way than getting out the electric hand mixer.

Fortunately, there was an empty jar* in the dish drainer the first night I decided I really really wanted a milkshake. So I loosely half filled it with mint choc icecream, put some milk in too and shook it really really hard. Then I took the lid off, popped in a straw and drank it.

It was damn good. But a couple of days later, the jar disappeared. I switched to something plastic, which was also fantastic, and what's more the lid was easier to get off than the metal lid on the glass jar, which was a bit of a bugger.

Then the other day I had a daytime milkshake. Mum was quite surprised that I was using a jar, because "you can get proper ones, you know"

So she did.

I suppose, if you're just going to drink it out of the cup, it's a much better shape. But seriously, who does that? You need a straw to blow bubbles, and do the slurping thing at the bottom that irritates everyone. What's the point of a milkshake otherwise? But on the other hand, it's twice the size of the jar. Meaning you accidentally make twice as much milkshake as you need, and then you feel ergh.

Like I do right now. My advice: save yourself $3 and the icky feeling, and use an old jar.

In other news, you know those people that can bend spoons with their mind?

I can do it with my icecream.

It's okay though.

I made** it better.

*500g homebrand cocktail onions.
**Which is good, because I didn't make anything else today. Except the milkshake. Obviously.


  1. I saw your comment yesterday about using an old jar to make milkshakes and I thought "I really must get Sara a milkshake maker" ...Then I thought "maybe she likes using the jar".Good on your Mum for coming to the rescue.

    I have a drawer full of forks that have slightly odd tines - I have no idea how they get like that.

    I actually got the post title reference. Does that make me cool or pathetic?

  2. I must be pathetic as well cause I got it too ;-0 Use a jar it tastes much better doesn't it and I do that to the spoons as well...we are impatient No??