Friday, February 25, 2011


Do you know what I'm thinking of doing now? The dishes.

The goddamn dishes.

I never do the dishes, unless I've just made muffins. But Mum is in Adelaide, and I have run out of good knives.

Most of the mess is of course, Casey's. Last night she cooked lasagna, and so most of the dishes have that annoying meat/pasta/tomato crust on them. I don't think I'll do those ones.

And now, segue to some monster mountains.

Actually, it's just one mountain, from three different directions. It's not the most efficient way of photographing them, but it looks quite cool nonetheless. Casey has decided she will have Randy, who is named after the pub-name* of one of our friends so that she can give it to him. Still, that's 21 monsters remaining for the market on Sunday. Big thanks to Helen for helping sew them up tonight.

And now that they're all done, I'm between projects and thinking of doing the dishes. I'd love to get started on my big stairways to heaven quilt, and I bought the fabrics for it today (I've gone for pink though, instead of the orange, because it's not potentially for a boy, it's for me. And I like pink) but I told myself I would only do boy or gender-neutral quilts this week for the market. And I'm sticking to it, for tonight at least.

*So when you're at the pub you go "Hello ladies, my name's Randy. Nice to meet you." And you raise an eyebrow and look all smooth as you shake their hands. At least, this is what happens in their heads; it's much less suave from our vantage point.


  1. I miss those monster guys and their big eyes already. Hope to see them all on Sunday and then never see them again because they have been adopted by new families. I only helped sew their inlets Sara, you are truely their birth mother.

  2. Those monsters are really cute! Hope you're able to sell them all.