Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mwah Ha Ha *strokes fluffy white cat*

As promised, jealousy inspiring photos of recent acquisitions.

Only one of these fabrics is new, the top right stripe. I needed something to fill in as the 9th fabric for Helen's quilt and I got a few options, but I think this one jelled the best.

These were the other contenders, and I may still swap them in.

As well, I got a heap of pretty blue and green and grey ones. These are all quarter cuts (the above ones were too)

The top two are from the same range as a couple of the fabrics I got for my birthday, in variations we didn't get locally.

I really should have posted a picture of them earlier.

My only other quarter cut was this.

No actual plans, but it would make a damn cute tickertape.

Onto the half metre cuts.

The top two are part of a range we got locally, but these are my favourite of them and we didn't get them. How unfair. The loveheart trees match a panel of baby stuff I bought on and was considering using for Esther's quilt (a long time ago.) The green umbrellas are bloody cute. The brown I picked because I want to do something brown one day, and the green because I think it would make cute monsters, and it was $6 a metre.

The stripe (60cm) and the blue (1m) came from Lincraft, who are still doing their 50% off fabric sale. I'm considering the stripe as a binding for the Soiree blog-header quilt, and the blue goes quite nicely with some of the fabrics from above. I think if Lincraft did 50cm minimums on their sales I would have bought a lot more - 60cm was all they had left of the stripe. The other two are Riley Blake fabrics from Spotlight, and make me cross that we don't get them in the mount, since they do consistently cute fabrics. The middle one with the flowers is one of my favourite fabrics ever.

All up that lot cost me some bum change over $100, and there was another $20 worth of bird fabric that I need to take to Helen tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm having an early (by my standards) night.

*Obviously I no longer have a cat, and if I did, it wouldn't be a fluffy white one. They shed something chronic, and no fabric would be safe.


  1. Wow! 100 bucks for all that. You did well. How long will it take you to whip through all that though with your prolific quilting skills?

    The animal panel is just gorgeous and the blue /green/grey combos are my favourites from this lot which surprises me because they arent usually colours Im drawn to.

    I just realised you're officially on holidays, so Im expecting to get home from work and see you finished an entire quilt.

  2. Oh there all beautifull Sara. Glad to see your not buying anything much until your room is sorted = ) See you soon for all the protest/fabric buying goss.