Sunday, February 27, 2011

Can I have a do-over?

While the market wasn't a huge sucess, I'd rather do it again tomorrow than go back to the real job.

That's right, my holidays are over. My room is not clean because my shed still hasn't arrived, but I went to Adelaide 3 times, attended the Lake Charlegrark Music Festival and sold some stuff at the Mini-Me Market.

So it's a 75% success rate, and I was let down by Templetons.

The market was an interesting thing, very different to the Library market before Christmas. Lots and lots of people when it opened at 10, but mainly women with basketballs shoved up their tops and people carrying little tiny babies. When you're selling something based on medium sized children going "I want that one," toddlers who can't really talk yet aren't the kids that get you sales, but I still sold 4 of them. And Casey pre-bought Randy and Helen picked one out for Bob tonight after the market. In better news a lady put a deposit on the Modern Grace quilt, so it's nice to know one will be going to a good home in the next week or so. Helen did really well with bibs, which is good because I think she spent about as much as she sold there - I only bought a little purse pouch for $10 purely because I loved the fabric, an impossible to find Japanese linen. While I'm a champ at spot the Moda/Kaufman/Riley Blake/Miller fabric, hand printed Asian fabrics aren't my area of expertise. Even if I could find out what it is I doubt I could get any, so it's just a beautiful little bit of fabric that happens to have already been made into something. Saves it sitting in my stash I suppose.

Around lunchtime people stopped coming and didn't really start again, so we were all packed up by a bit after 2. Shops are open Sundays down here so I went to Spotlight and got a little bit - Well, a lot if you count the 9 metres of $2 fabric I got to stash as backings. Other than that I got 12 quarters to make another two of the mini versions of Stairways to Heaven, because I want to show them in non-matching fabrics. I'll write the instructions up for the little one at some point - it needs a 20cm cut of 6 fabrics and ends up about 90cm square, so it's great for a quicker project. But it really doesn't need solid or even matching fabrics, just two of each colour, with enough similarities in the pairs to make definition between the colours so you can see the zigzag. I'd show you, but it's still out in the car.

So tonight I'm going to chillax in front of the laptop with some TV shows. And my 4th serve of icecream for the day.


  1. Wow Sara that three weeks went fast. Welcome back to reality. I agree - I'd much rather be doing a market that actually working at my day job.

    Glad to hear you sold Modern Grace.

    I've been toying with the idea of doing a market towards the end of the year but between your experiences and Amanda's now I'm not so sure.

    Hope your first day back isnt massively sucky.

  2. Hope you enjoyed your ice cream .. sorry the market didn't go so well, and the monster are soooo cute!!