Saturday, February 12, 2011

Aww, pretty.

You know how some nights it just seems like too much effort to go to bed? Because your stuff is strewn everywhere and you have to pack it up, but it's all out now so you might as well just carry on what you're doing? Not to mention the fact that you'll also have to go brush your hair, put on your pajamas, make sure the internet is still there and hasn't changed too much while you haven't been looking, sort out anything you'll be needing in the morning and go to the loo and set your alarm...

My life has basically been this, over and over again. I'm feeling it quite intently tonight, since I just washed my hair, and it needs drying, and I still haven't got myself sorted for tomorrow, and I need to wake up in 5 hours time to leave for Adelaide, but all that seems like too much effort just at this minute, so I'm blogging.

My favourite thing today is rainbows. Today there was a lot of rain, so I couldn't take any pretty photos of quilts on the grass. The sun hid behind the clouds, so it was up to the post office to give me a rainbow instead.

Thanks post office. I like it a lot.


  1. Lovely bright colours in that stack. What are you going to make with them?

  2. Where's Shay! Is Shay OK, Has anyone checked on Shay? Shay Im missing you even though I beat you to the post or the blog comments. = )
    Yes Baby Bob especially liked your rainbows to Sara
    Have fun in Adelaide AGAIN!

  3. My rainbow batiks came this week too! I cant bring myself to unstack them yet because they look so pretty the way they are. Yours are also gorgeous. It pissed down here yesterday to so I expect you copped it twice as bad.

    Im totally hearing you on the going to bed thing. Since I started going to the dentist recently my teeth brushing routine has gone from 6 minutes a day to what feels like about 45 minutes a day. Bloody flossing takes forever...

    Thanks for showing off your rainbow!

  4. Mm, pretty! There's just something wonderful about a rainbow of fabric via the mail.

  5. Loving the rainbow and can't wait to see what you do with them...your room sounds like mine LOL I stack all the washing for sorting on the end of it and then at the end of the day when it is still not done it goes back into the washing backet so I can start all over again tomorrow!! And I won't even mention the blanket box that is covered in UFO's ;-)