Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jeez, have I really been awake that long?

My feet are killing me.

My boots are far and away my most comfortable shoes (since my only other shoes are my work shoes which are quite uncomfortable and a pair of $8 granny shoes from kmart that are like wearing socks with a cardboard insole) but putting them on at 6am and wearing them till 10pm is bound to make your feet ache a bit a huge bloody lot.

That said, I'm so hugely forgiving. Because they make me a million billion times cooler than I actually am. The way I feel about myself, the way I walk, the way I act is just, better. Especially in the city, strolling about in cowboy boots and my jeans, feeling awesome having done not absolutely nothing fashion-wise, while perfectly coiffed little fashion plates wandered past looking pouty and unhappy.

I'm just loving being me, and in the city I stand out a bit more as me. In the mount I'm just another happy girl in jeans and boots, today I was the ONLY happy looking girl in jeans and boots.

Very nice feeling. Good to be me.

So I came to the city to protest, and although I'm not totally au fait with regards to protest sizes, I haven't seen any on the news lately where the protesters couldn't fit on the pavement, and where they had 60 (yes, sixty) really big trucks with quite loud horns to back them up. There was much "what do we want"ing going on and I must admit to repeatedly thinking "for someone to give that poor man a butter menthol" because you couldn't really hear him at the end. But there was speeches and fist waving and quite a few TV crews, but we weren't in a very good spot because I'd been to the pub with the boys beforehand, and arrived from the wrong direction (ie, the direction of the pub). As you do.

Afterwards we went to Rundle Mall, and I of course went to Spotlight. I wasn't planning on getting anything much, since I'm trying to cut back till I get my room and stash sorted out. I left the store with absolutely nothing (I posted the previous post from my phone while waiting in line) because my pay doesn't go through till 6pm, and I only had about $50 left. I was planning on getting it all cut and put on layby so I could just pop in in the morning, and pick it up (I really don't mind paying the $2 layby fee) but they concluded that it would be easier to just leave my piles there and I could get them cut first thing. This of course is a massively bad idea, since I'll undoubtedly end up picking way more, and it's at about $90 already.

We decided to have a quick stop off at the casino before going out for tea, and because I'm a loser I immediately thought... ooh, that carpet pattern would make quite a nice quilt... but you're not allowed to use cameras in the casino and my surreptitious phone photo is hideously blurry. That's okay though, it was enough for me to draw it up in paint.

Those colours, while nasty, are roughly accurate. *shudder.* I have much prettier fabrics. What's more, it's two quite simple blocks.

I lost $2 on the pokies (I'm really not much into electronic gambling) but I think it was worth it. Patterns usually cost about $20 don't they?

After I insisted we go to my favourite restaurant in the whole wide world (Burnside Food and Wine Noodle Bistro) when we got there they were shut. Don't open Tuesdays (sob). But two shopfronts along is Royal Thai, and they're quite good too. Then, for reasons I don't entirely understand, we went to the Pancake Kitchen for dessert as well. Not only are my feet swollen, but my belly very muchly is too.

So tomorrow, me and my bitchin' new shirt* (excuse the mirror photo)...

...have to head back to Spotlight and get that fabric, and maybe see if we can find something in lime green for tomorrow's protest. This is a little one for the Flinders Uni Eating Disorder clinic, and I was gunna wear my fab green stripey jumper, but it might be warm again.

I wish my bitchin' shirt came in green.

*just so everyone hates me, it's a kids 12. Normally I go a 14 or a 16, but it was the biggest they had, and it was so bitchin', I couldn't not get it. Thus the top buttons not being done/doing up. But that makes it look even more bitchin'

P.S. I just want to give some thanks to my emergency internet connection, formerly of the box-of-everything in my car. Couldn't have done it without you buddy.

P.P.S. Helen, unless you let me know that you want more, I'll get you two metres of the bird fabric okay? They still have a heap left up here.

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  1. Your a legend Sara, 2m is probably more than enough but then I can give you whats left cant I. Im happy to pay for the whole 2m, do they have different stuff to here or just more?
    Went to the party last night, my kids had a good time, stayed a bit late so Esther cried all the way home, probably wanted to stay at the party. Kelsey was also there, Yaay for Kelsters, it was nice to see her. Have a good trip home