Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Tomorrow will be my 300th post. I'm glad it's not tonight's, because I'm feeling a bit disjointed.

I'm worried about my beautiful little boyf, who fell over and knocked his baby teeth back in. I'm similarly worried about Helen and Steven, who I suspect are feeling even worse than Bob.

I suspect Esther is stressing too, because she'd be getting less attention than usual, and that would damn near kill the poor girl.

I've done an imperial pattern for a scaled-up version of my uber-gorgeous Stairway to Heaven quilt, and I need to convert it to metric so I can make it and take the photos to go with it.

This is mainly a scam to give myself a reason to make it again, but big and for me. It's 3 yards of fabric for the top, and leaves some blocks for the back. It comes out to about 130cm by 150cm, which is my usual big-quilt size.

I've spent most of the day doing the faces for monsters. I've used fabric paint instead of sewing faces on, which, if I'm honest, has been just as much work. Well, it's felt like it, but I've gotten 13 done today, which is more than I had for the last market. I just need to shorten the backs of the bigger safety eyes, and I can get to assembling them. But I'm feeling good about it, because there's still a week till the market, and this is advanced forward planning by my standards.

Channel 11 shows Mork and Mindy at 12.30 on a Monday night (maybe other nights too, but I've only seen it on Mondays.) I'm loving it. The peace-and-love vibe, and a wardrobe I'd kill for. Which, admittedly, isn't very peace-and-love, but nice clothes are nice clothes.

I've just finished season 13 of Time Team. Don't worry, I have plenty more.

What I don't have much more of is stuffing. I hadn't realised until I checked today. I'll get some more tomorrow.

And maybe a half yard of each fabric to do-over my quilt (but not this week, because I have more monsters to make)

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  1. That's a lotta monsters! I didnt realise you were doing another market. Good luck.

    Hope Bubs is OK . These incidents often scare the parents more than the child, but it's dreadful when they hurt themselves.

    Hope you're enjoying your holidays.