Thursday, February 17, 2011


I am in love.

I want to have a baby, so that it can have this quilt.

I can't really keep it just for me, since it's too small to be practical for a full sized person and I already have one undersized quilt hanging on the wall.


I'm actually considering folding it in half diagonally and wearing it as some kind of crazy, Gaga-esque cape.

I honestly think it's the most beautiful quilt I've ever made.

It's properly, classically beautiful. It would look nice in a white loungeroom. There is nothing cutesey, or odd, or out place on it or about it. It is balanced, and classy, and dignified, and beautiful.

And, as ever, I've taken terrible photos and it looks nasty.

Does anyone have a white loungeroom I can borrow?

No? Well, these will have to do for now then.

It's in the washing machine now. I didn't quilt it particularly densely, and I'll probably iron it once it's done, because it's a bit like the pink batik one, and there seems to be a kind of sleekness to it that doesn't sit quite as well with the crinkly quiltiness of most of my others.

I'm calling it "Stairways to Heaven," because everyone loves a powerballad, like I love this quilt.


  1. Looks beautifull Sara, now your in love with the quilt does that mean Baby Bob is dropped?
    I have white carpet is that good enough?
    You can take a photo in my formal lounge if you like. I finally got to stretching the bird fabric onto my canvas yesterday, Im loving it, its now above my leather lounge in the formal lounge, now I want to paint the walls. Wont get as excited as Shay and paint the furniture though.

  2. Having a baby is a pretty extreme way of ensuring quilt use.

    It's beautiful. Really lovely. Im glad you're ecstatic about how it turned out. Make yourself a huge one in exactly the same design/colours.Love the back!

    I'm going to set you straight Cake, I am so over painting furniture, I'll probably never do it again after this dresser is finally done. Our entire house has been repainted over the last 5 years and since we're almost finished with the renovations it must be time to change the colour...walls I can handle.