Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Some days, you achieve a lot.

Some days you don't.

Today was the latter.

I basted, but that was about it.

I also did a tiny bit of macrame. I bought the colours for the spectral quilt in embroidery cotton and I'm going to make them into a bracelet so I can have it with me in case I magically find some fabrics.

I worked out a full 18 by 18 version.

I'd need a yard of each to make it 210 by 210cm - queen sized. Maybe fabrics from this lady*. Specifically, from this colourwheel.

It's the only thing so far on my quilting bucket list. Apart from, you know, finishing all my WiPs and using up lots of my stash, but they don't count.

*Shay, just say no.


  1. Gawd- I saw the links and thought - I'm just not even clicking. Why torture myself?

    My first day back at work - I did NOTHING when I got home. I crashed!

    I like the idea of the bracelet to match fabrics.

  2. Sara your still the rainbow queen, nothing has changed since you were a baby except for the size of your bed =)