Friday, February 11, 2011

I have come far, and achieved much...

Even though I'm still hating on binding, I'm feeling good about the fact that tonight I finally finished the half done binding on the first beigey-greeney-browny disappearing nine patch and I did the binding on the swag quilt as well. They're in the wash, so I should be able to get some nice on-the-grass photos tomorrow.

Shay will be pleased to hear that I made a quilt top earlier today. Helen will be pleased to know that it's for her, and that's why I didn't come over today.

The same really big disappearing nine patch as Kelsey's, the blue green and the one I finally finished the binding on. What can I say? It's quick and easy, and since the new fabrics (I also swapped in the brightish green) fitted in so well, I figured I may as well get the top done. No immediate plans to get a backing sorted - After buying the two metres more of the birds for Helen I can't find the 2 metres I bought for this.

I guess that's why I'm cleaning my room (or as I'm actually calling it, putting the mess in new and interesting places)

In other interesting news, I'm returning to Adelaide this weekend for reasons I can't entirely fathom. There was an offer, I said yes. Hopefully Kelsey's coming this time, and we can run amok. Though I have realised that there will be three of us in the back. I suppose it's a good thing two of us are skinny.


  1. I still dont know how you manage to get a quilt top done in a single day. Maybe unlike me , you dont run to the computer every 15 minutes to see what Blogland is doing!

    Looking forward to seeing your artisitc quilts on the grass shots.

    Maybe I can get something finished this weekend...

  2. Quilt top looks beautifull but have you started on your bedroom yet or are you just putting it off until your holidays are over?
    Are you being kidnapped at gunpoint to go back to Adelaide? Its a good excuse to do something different on your holidays so just go with it.
    Have some fun, kick up your heels with some different people and buy much much fabric. ENJOY!