Sunday, February 20, 2011

Home: it's wherever your clean undies are.

I am home.

It feels nice. To just be able to chill, to no longer have the pressure of trying to enjoy myself and have fun in crowds of people who are also under the expectation of having fun.

I had a couple of issues, mainly the stupid tooth and a nasty bout of indigestion. Turns out hot cross buns aren't great at sopping up the alcohol in your tummy.

I had lots of fun though, especially today, since the weather was quite good considering the earlier outlook. I even got sunburnt, but that's not so good*. We sat around an esky and pretended it was a firebucket (it's fire-ban season), and talked about random shit, and there was seven of us in the back of a landcruiser, having a tickle fight. We drove home in a convoy, and my little car with it's four-pot 1.5L engine not only kept up with, but on occasion thrashed the considerably larger V6 competition. I got to 6000 RPM. We three girls took off our tops and drove alongside the boy's ute, honking and waving, but they didn't even notice we were down to our bras. We sang loudly and badly, and stopped at the Dergholm pub for a couple of hours on the way home. We mocked the way the exhaust on my sister's boyfriend's ute hung so low it dragged on the ground, making sparks every time he hit a bump. And we got home, and had a cuddle with our Mum, and brushed our teeth, because I'd only taken those silly disposable things, which aren't that good. They were a free magazine sample though, so I should have expected that.

On the crafting front, the swag quilt paired with the big brown pillow quilt (you haven't met, but she came from Target for about $15, and the has a cover so she turns into a big pillow. She has a twin, who is Casey's) was excellent, but I'm not sure that flannelette was the best option for the pillow. I don't have flannelette anywhere in my bed, and it felt a bit weird.

I had the swag in my little $10 tent, which I'm glad about since it drizzled for a few hours in the early morning. My tent wasn't that watertight though, so it dripped on my pillow a bit. Still, that's better than actually getting rained on, I'm sure you'll agree.

I'll gunna have an off night from the sewing, since I have to get into monsters tomorrow, which will involve a lot of getting stuff out and cutting curves with actual scissors, and painting on facial features and setting eyes, which is a change from squares and straight line sewing.

In the meantime, I'll be chillaxing in front of Time Team Season 13 if anyone wants me.

*Only a little bit on my nose; I suspect I wont peel so much as flake and my nose does that usually anyway. But I'll have to put up with a day or two of sweaty nose, and I hate that.


  1. Sounds like fun - you got semi naked , rained on , kicked the arse of a V6 and felt like hurling from a hot cross bun.

    It seriously sounds like a lot of nights I spent in my 20's and god I miss them !

  2. If you can sum up my posts so succinctly, why are yours always long like mine?

    Even though it takes me a while to feel comfortable at them, and truth be told I always have more fun on recovery day, I know that one day I will miss them too. I'll do my best to get out there and enjoy them, so you can live vicariously.

    Only without the sunburn and the hot cross bun overdose. Lucky you :)

  3. My posts are long because I am an inverate attention seeker hiding behind a mask of humility. Inside I'm screaming "It's all about me " I'm dreading the day people find out ...shit ..I just dobbed on myself.

    Oh and being the lily white flower I am - Ive had several cases of sunburn in my time - until I wised up that I wasn't ever going to go brown like all my mates and started buying sunscreen by the case. Since most of them look like dried out apples now from sun damage guess who is laughing her arse off?

  4. Duh..I have to tell you blogger ate this comment and it took me a good 5 minutes to somehow retrieve it to post . That is my excuse for spelling INVETERATE wrong . I was too scared to spell check in case my comment went missing again ...

  5. Ha Ha, I hadn't noticed. I totally forgive you.

    I do tan, quite well, but I'm a sook so I avoid sunburn as much as possible. It wasn't supposed to be sunny, it was supposed to be miserable and raining. It's just lucky I at least planned for sleeping and took a shirt, because other than that I just had jumpers and jackets, and I would have melted.