Wednesday, February 16, 2011

There. Happy? Good.

So today, to make you all happy, I went and spent about $60 on fabrics.

Actually, it was more to cheer myself up. I woke up feeling crap, my lower right wisdom tooth is making a break for freedom, and all the travel has caught up with me. So I went shopping, but instead of just going to Spotlight to just get some bright neutrals to pair with the tickertape fabrics, I ended up drifting, going to too many shops and spending too much money.

First up was spotlight. As well as some solids and some batik dots for the tickertape I got these.

The far left yellow was $4 clearance so I got 2 metres, the yellow dot has been designated as binding so I got a half metre and the rest I got a quarter each. I figure that together they're fairly gender neutral. That's something I'm gunna work for this week, along with boy stuff.

The other fabrics I got at Spotlight have already been used, and I've packed up the unfinished quilt for the night.

I went to Stitch and Knit because Mum had left her chequebook across the road and I went to pick it up and, well, I was there anyway. I only spent $10, on random offcuts.

But when I was there I saw some velcro - it was too expensive but it reminded me I needed to go and get some cheap stuff for my selvedge stubby holders. So I went to Lincraft, and there were some new bundles there. So I got one of those. And some velcro.

While I was at Spotlight I also got a pinking blade, since Helen said her scissors were a bit crap. I must say, it's quite weird to use - it's hard to line it up and if it doesn't cut through quite right, you can't just go over it. You need to do a whole new cut. That seemed like a lot of pressure. I learned the hard way that it can't cope with as many layers as a straight cut too, but fortunately it was on a solid that I had plenty of wiggle room with.

Honestly, I haven't loved doing the tickertape. I arranged my bits in neat rows and just sewed from side to side, but my lines have ended up a bit wonky in places, and I have caught a lot of corners under. Yes, it's very quick, what with it not needing to be pieced and quilted separately, but it felt like a chore, with all the corner tucking I had to try to concentrate on. At least the flannelette backing clung to the batting, so it didn't bunch up on the lower layers.

I'll finish and photograph it tomorrow. Hopefully the weather stays nice, I can finally get around to doing those outside photos I was hoping for last week.

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  1. Love your haul!

    Im trying to think what the tickertape quilt will look like and am failing miserably. I'll just have to wait for visuals.

    I hope you're enjoying your holidays. Im so jealous you're not at work and I am - I'm already dreaming of the March long weekend!And Easter. And my other time off in April. And the June long weekend.