Friday, February 18, 2011

Sha la la la la la la la la la lah te da, lah te da.

So, while everyone else in the blogosphere has been having a sewing night, I've come home early from Dero-oke at The Federal. Not to sew, but because Dad was pissed. He does that, though not usually at The Federal. We have our own bar, at home, from where he doesn't need to be driven home. But no matter.

Ive decided that in spite of our Favourite Things Friday hostess with the mostess already doing my topic, I'm gunna do it too anyway. I've spent the last two hours singing badly in a room with other people who are singing badly, so I don't care. And it's not like we're showing up in the same outfit, just quite similar ones.

First up is New Folder (2)*

It lives on the far left of my desktop, and contains my current favourite music. When I'm liking a song, it goes in there, when I'm not so fond of it any more, it comes out again. All the other mp3s live in Music once they are organised, or ALBUMS if I haven't gotten around to them yet. I have no main website I get my music from, so it arrives with a million different file name variations. My mp3s are titled first with the artist, then a dash, and then the name of the song. I would fight to the death to avoid having itunes installed on my computer, but fortunately all I've had to do so far is not buy an ipod, iphone or ipad. This has been much easier than fighting to the death, thankfully. But it does mean I need to manually name and attach information to all my tracks.

My beautiful little car has an mp3 CD player. This means that I can fit about 160 songs on a disk. I'll make myself a new disk every 2 weeks or so, or if I have a road trip or other special occasion. Weirdly, when you make an mp3 data disk with Nero, it puts them in a sort-of alphabetical order, randomly selecting about half the songs and putting then on a-z, and then putting the other half on a-z after that. I don't know why. It is what it is.

Currently, my favourite songs are Little Bird by Kasey Chambers, Salisbury Street by John Williamson and Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley, which was in there a long time ago, and then went out, and is now back in after I heard it in Liz's car on Adelaide trip #2. But that's no real indication of the contents of New Folder (2) at any given time. Don't Look Back in Anger by Oasis has been in there for over a year, there's a half dozen songs by Lena, the German winner of last years Eurovision contest, quite a lot of American country music, and a fair bit from the 70's too.

In spite of my fondness for Dero-oke (or Country Karaoke, or singing in the car, or the bath, or on the toilet, or wherever) I'm not in the slightest bit musically inclined. I can't sing very well, or play any instruments. I can chop down an mp3 so it makes a better ringtone, but that's about it. Still, I may not know music, but I know what I like.

It can be found in New folder (2).

*the original New folder lives on the very top right corner of my desktop, and contains, amoungst other things, all the pictures on this blog.


  1. Bonus points for recognising the song in the title.

  2. Isn't music a most awesome thing? My dad was a talented musician--unfortunately, I inherited none of it.

    Folder 2--terrific favorite thing!

  3. Oh darn it, it's on the tip of my tongue, I can hum along to it but not for the life of me can I think of the title or who sung it. Great post, my tracks are all snuggly in iTunes, sometimes I'm not sure whether that is a good thing.
    oh oh Van Morrison Brown Eyed Girl, yay!

  4. I have no idea - at first I thought it was the banana split song but you're way too young to even know that.

    You blow me out of the water with your musical organisation. Folder Number 2 sounds like a great idea. I cant believe you dont own an IPOD - you have almost everything else that opens and shuts tablet girl!

    As for showing up in the same outfit - you can rest assured that you and I would never fit into the same outfit - I buy my clothes from the middle aged spread section. You're shopping in lithe young things. Our musical tastes parallel that .

    I loved that we both loved music this week.

  5. one banana 2 bannana 3 banana 4, I think Shay's onto something there. Sara why was your father at the Federal, you poor thing, if its not bad enough that your at the Federal your Dad's there to, thats very very sad isnt it.
    Are you still going up country tonight?
    Im going to Lincraft and Spotlight today so looking forward to that because I have a sad life.

  6. I love music too! As a matter of fact, it (in a related way) was my FTF too. I love to sing, although my voice isn't pretty and I love listening to songs that speak to my soul. Thanks for a great FTF.

    xo -El

  7. I wish I were so organized. Sorry bout the short night out but glad you were able to salvage it.

    No clue on the song...

  8. I could sing the song in the title, but couldn't remember what it was -- even asked my husband. I presume Brown Eyed Girl was correct ... I love to sing too. No one wants to hear me though, but I really enjoy it.

  9. Music is such a cool thing. No matter what your taste is, there is something out there for you and with the computer you can choose what you like and dump it in a folder and not have to fast foward (showing my age here) through the tape to hear it.

    I don't sing ever. But my husband sings in the mornings to get kiddo out of bed. It's the one thing that will get her up and moving in the morning!

  10. O.K. if I start singing everybody runs..but I love dancing and I love your post and FTF

  11. You can't beat music can you and the car has the best acoustics :-) Love that quilt in your previous post!