Monday, February 14, 2011

I've let myself down, and I've let you all down.

Not only did I not buy any fabric on my third trip to Adelaide in a week, but I didn't even go to a fabric shop.

I know. I'm a massive disappointment.

But it was a lovely drive home, once I'd distracted Mum with an illegally downloaded movie. Seriously, unless you distract her, she whinges more than the eight year old.

There is something worse than a small child saying "are we there yet?"

A woman in her late 40s saying "I'm bored now. Are we there yet?"

(I love you Mum)


  1. I'm not sure we can be blog buddies anymore after this shocking admission're meant to be sucking it up for the team here Sara , and you dont even go near a fabric shop? Im questioning your commitment to the cause.

    It's a long drive. Illegally downloaded movies are good- so are snacks.Not chocolate- you dont want to be locked up with a bouncing sugar hyped 40-something - year old.

    I suspect your Mum must be the second most cool mother on the planet (I am naturally first ) because she managed to get you to adulthood relatively unscathed didnt she?

  2. Look, I've gone one day without buying fabric. It's happened before. Tomorrow I'm gunna try churn out a couple of tickertapes because they can be done all at once, and I'll need some new boy-safe fabrics for them.

    Even though I was nice enough to get her a movie, she spent the first half hour whinging about my headphones, so we had to stop at Meningie and buy her new ones. And as soon as the movie had finished and she'd turned off the laptop: "Okay. I'm bored now."

    I totally think she'd take you on, especially since we've survived in spite of Dad. Did your husband go and roll jet-skis with your children on the back of them? Give them their first alcoholic drinks about the age they were starting school, just so they could be prepared? (That's primary school by the way.) Buy them go-carts (also rolled) and electric scooters?

    Frankly, I'm amazed we're not only alive but only a little bit weird.

  3. Sara your mother is a driver, drivers always make bad passengers, perhaps you should have taken an 8 year old, she would have kept your mother busy.
    Im not amazed at all how you turned out Sara Im bloody dumbfounded, flabbergasted even. Your father is truely an individual who without your mother would be nothing (like most men I guess) Thankfully every one of you girls has survived your childhoods and mostly your all good, sorry number three child if your reading this cause your a bit crackers! Still love you though No.3
    And Sara Im truly proud that you have gone a whole day without purchasing fabrics. Of course the night is still young and the internet is still working and look out comes Sara.

  4. Oh forgot to say you can use my pinking shears if you want to or I have a wave blade for the rotary cutter (not the pinking blade, a wave) Should be home all afternoon if you want to stop by, you can see my new sewing efforts.
    Bring your biggest little sister for some icing tips if she wants to come.