Sunday, February 13, 2011

So, Um, Yeah.

So I'm home from flying visit number two and I'm off for flying visit number 3 in about 5 hours time. This one will be even more flying than the last two - Dad is buying a ute in the city and we're taking him up in Taylor and coming straight home.

Well, we might stop for a shop. Again.

Today I got myself to Allingtons and bought another pair of boots,

and also to the Gepps Cross Spotlight store, and honestly, I was both disappointed and relieved. The quilting fabric selection was TINY - smaller than here in the Mount. This was the store that I was gunna work at, and there wasn't even a sea of pretty prints for me to hang out in.

Okay, so maybe that's a bit harsh. I found 10 fabrics I liked that I hadn't seen in the Mount, but I was expecting a kind of quilt fabric nirvana. Back when I was working at the local store we sent them all our discontinued fabrics while they were setting up, and I took that to be an indication that there would be a million billion discontinued fabrics there for me to snap up.

These 5 were $8 a metre each.

There's plenty of black and white and red fabrics for that piece to go with, and I'm harbouring hopes of doing an all-yellow quilt sometime soon.

Owls are apparently very in right now. Annoyingly these were on rolls so they didn't qualify for the 20% off they have at the moment, even though the tag said it was quilting fabric. So they were $12.95 a metre.

Another fabric I think will make a cute gender neutral tickertape. I want to get some pinking shears at some point, because I think it would look better. I suspect I wont get around to the for a while, what with all this holidaying I'm doing on my holidays, but I can still hope.

I got a swag for my birthday so I wouldn't have to sleep in the back of the car. But I'll be doing that tomorrow anyway.


  1. Cute boots Sara.

    I felt the same way about the Gepps Cross Store. Clovercrest is the closest one to me and they have way more quilting fabric.

    Love the owls. Thanks for buying my share of fabric for February. Good to know youre looking out for me!

    Three trips to the city in less than a week is insane. I used to do that drive every weekend and that was enough!

  2. Not sure about the red on the boots but I guess they will be in your jeans anyway. I have pinking shears if you want to borrow them, they are over-rated I wish I had got the pinking blade for the rotary cutter instead because that was only about $16 and the pinking shears dont do that good of a job so I was disapointed really. Have fun in Adelaide AGAIN.

  3. honey if you want quilt fabric Nivana go to a quilt shop not spotlight, if you are looking for a fabulous array of kids prints go the Hetties patch she has a hole room of beautiful kids fabric.