Sunday, February 27, 2011


You know what can completely ruin an evenings productivity?

A quite good movie.

I was gunna quickly finish up the big stairway to heaven quilt before I packed up the stuff for the morning but I haven't. My movie fortunately only has about 20 minutes to go, but I'm a bit worried my battery wont hold out, so instead of carrying between the lounge and the machine I'm tethered to the damn powerpoint.

Okay that was a good twist before a good ending. (Hopefully) back in 20 with the pattern and finished result.


  1. Well dont hold us in suspense! What was the movie?

  2. Sorry about the wait, I figured everyone would be abed so I got my stuff for tomorrow sorted before coming to add in the pictures, and cause I was in the lounge I didn't hear the message du-dunk. I downloaded "Paul" a wee bit illegally because I don't want to wait till mid April when it arrives at the Oatmill. It was one of those shoddy taped in a cinema ones and I'll definitely be going to see it when it finally comes out. I was so sure going into it that I knew what was gunna happen at the end, and I was right about one thing but very, very wrong about the other, and it completely threw me. I'll probably spend the next week or so thinking to myself "man, that was a damn good ending"