Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bugger, Damn and Blast.

This morning, I got a call asking if I could come into work. Being a nice person, and of the hope that I might be able to use it as leverage to get more staff tomorrow night, I went in. Finishing at 4 gave am an hour to go to Lincraft and Spotlight, and get these.

There's 6.5 metres there, and it was about $25 for the lot. Then, as I was Heading to KFC for tea, I saw Casey and Steph's cars outside Flannies. So I went in. Then we went to the South Eastern for tea, and came home.

I started work on my Favourite things friday post, but it was kinda hard so I gave up when Casey suggested going to dero-oke at the Federal. It was even more dero than usual, so I spent a lot of it on facebook on my new phone, which is actually kinda a bit more difficult than my old phone. I run 3 programs (one to upload and comment, one to read other people's statuses, one to read any comments I get) and they all have some issues. I will keep looking, I think. The perfect app is out there somewhere.

So... Long story short... I've done no sewing at all.



  1. When did the Globe become Flannigans? I had many a messy night in the Globe when I lived there.

    I KNEW you'd buy up at Lincraft. Great prices -so why not?

    And dont worry about not sewing- you're on holidays soon. You can sew like a mad thing then.

    Sometimes I cant make my FTF posts work either!

  2. When I started going 6 years or so ago it was called Flannigans, so it's been a while.

    I'm sure you get after reading it why the FTF post was a toughie, it felt like being back at school, when you had to put facts and stuff into your writing.

    There's a petition at and there's going to be a protest in Adelaide on Tuesday - I might be coming, I just need to talk to my little sister (it's her 8th birthday - she'll be at school for most of it though so I may offer to take her shopping on wednesday to make up for it.)

  3. Duly signed the petition Sara. I hope you make it to the protest.