Monday, February 7, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

So I got the okay from the will-be-eight-in-an-hour years-old sister, and at 6am (!) tomorrow morning I'll be leaving for Adelaide. As a result I wont be staying up till quite late sewing the excellent new project in my head, even though I bought the fabric for it today. Not sure why not, since the drive is right when I'm usually sleeping, and I've heard that the Holden Caprice has an excellent ride and very spacious back seats. What's more, Kelsey isn't coming anymore, so I wont be missing out on her fantastic witticisms if I have a nap.

What I have done tonight however is make Maddy a cute notebook cover as a birthday pressie, and turn a pair of flares from the salvos into normal bootcut jeans.

I also packed a change of clothes and sorted out my car foods, but I don't know that that's blog worthy.

So the rally is around the 1-2pm time frame, and I've no idea what's happening after that. Probably shopping. But I'm open to ideas and offers of icecream, if they're forthcoming.

Wednesday is the protest about the closure of the eating disorder unit at Flinders, and it's homeward we go after that.

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  1. Sara, by now you're on your way. I have a crazy day at work but I'll try to give you a call tonight. Enjoy protesting. Maybe you'll even get on the news!