Saturday, February 12, 2011

Take Two...

So I'm back in Adelaide again and trying to decide between pushing for the north tomorrow (Allingtons Outpost to look at boots and Gepps Cross Spotlight to see what my life could have been like - and buy fabric) or waiting two weeks till I'm back with the car and can go during the week.

Next time I come up will be in a few weeks with the parents when they go to the caravan and camping show. Dad's gunna do the actual drive to the city and then once they're there I'll have the day to myself. And my beautiful car.

I am pretty much a lone wolf when it comes to shopping. I am very stop/start, moving very quick at times and stopping without warning. I do weird loops and revisit stores/sections I've already covered. I don't shop well as part of a team, and I get very fidgety if I have to wait for someone to look at something. I'm totally comfy doing the taxi thing - I loved doing the bus thing in Darwin but they're much more confusing in Adelaide. And I have a fairly limited window of time (certainly too small for public transport)- 10 till 1.30. But they are both on Main North Road, so it might be doable.

I'm gunna be brave and go for it. Wish me luck.


  1. You....Me....Shopping......SNAP!
    I shop exactly the same way, could be hereditary.
    Unless your other travel companions have a better option then go it alone, have an adventure, when you do the family trip your not gonna have much room to put a pile of fabrics in the boot and still convince your father you didnt buy much. My only advise though is to make sure those shops are open on Sundays because Adelaide dosnt have deregulated shopping hours like us lucky country people so a lot of stores actually cant open on Sundays.
    Have fun whatever you do and I cant wait to hear about it and see the purchases in real life

  2. Back when diosaurs roamed the earth Allingtons was near my house is a dinky little store at Golden Grove which was then practically the country. Ahhhh memories.

    Have fun shopping! You and I sounda lot alike. Im a smash and grab shopper. I get in , get what I need and get out.

    PS. My sister moved to Adelaide from Darwin last year. I love Darwin for holidays. It's one of the most relaxed places on earth.