Wednesday, February 23, 2011

300th post. Statistically quite likely to happen after the 299th...

Over the last week or so, the pressure of the 300th post has been getting to me. I'm aware that a lot of people get all excited and do giveaways and stuff for milestone posts, but, I post every day. Sometimes twice. 300 posts have been done in just over 9 months, and 9 months of blogging seems nowhere near as impressive as 300 posts seems.

I had actually considered just deleting some old posts, and staying at 299 for a while that way. There's a lot of rubbish ones there, mainly I think because I post every night. I know I don't have to, but a) it just seems easier than having to catch up on stuff I've missed and b) there's always the risk that I'll stop posting altogether. And anyway, I like to be reliable.

I had considered putting up the instructions for the Stairways to Heaven quilt, but I feel bad about the fact I haven't taken any pictures, or even made one that matches the pattern I'll be putting up. But on the other hand, you're all quilters. You all know how to do it, and you don't need to be hand-held through the whole process. Surely you can work it out yourself if I just give you a nice big pile of maths to start you off?

Maybe I over-wrote the first one, so this one just seems a bit wishy-washy in comparison. I'm going to hold off, simply because I'd like to double check what I've written by making it to the instructions. There were a couple of things I missed last time that the re-making of the quilt for photos helped me spot. I'm also not gunna bother with the options I put up for the last one. You're all big girls. You know how to be creative. Go and create. All you really need is the math, and that's what I'm good at.

So, what I've decided to actually do is review my initial objectives, and see how I've done over the last 300 posts.

Posting toy patterns - (hangs head in shame) This was my main reason. I had just started to make quilts, but I had also just discovered the Toy Society, and there weren't that many good toy patterns linked to from their site. As you might have noticed, I like doing patterns. It's a thing. It means I'm under less pressure to actually make something good myself - I don't need to be precise and meticulous in my actual creations, because I can work out how to do it and then get other people to do it properly. I was making quite a few flatbears at the time, which were pretty much inspired by the summer traveler's tutorial, but, to my mind, done right. Theirs is probably much easier and quicker, but I have lovely neat seams. And then I came up with some sea creatures, and then monsters. I've got a really cute design for an elephant drawn up, and another one for a bird, but even I haven't gotten around to actually making them yet. What's more, my attempts at sending pictures and info into The Toy Society never eventuated in anything: I did a couple of drops but the people who found them wouldn't have been able to trace them anyway, because they never appeared on the site.

And now, I have to make my monsters myself.

Bitching about the Ex - Not so much anymore, since I got over it about a month or so after the blog got started. I hadn't even though of it as a reason I started this blog, but it's there in my first post.

Improving my typing - This has very much worked. I still need to look at the keyboard as I do it, but I'm very quick and my apostrophes are always in place. Before I started blogging again I was all lower case and would rarely punctuate beyond a full stop, but things are better now.

Staying off of eBay -  You'll probably all be a bit disappointed to to discover that this has worked. I can understand that if people are at the computer to blog they might decide to look on eBay as well, but I blog instead of eBaying. Early last year (particularly months 2-5 after the breakup) I became a teensy bit obsessed with eBay. I may not have had a boyfriend, but thanks to US 99 cent, free postage items from China, I was getting a little something in the mail every day. I would trawl my fantastically set up saved searches and pick one or two things a day to buy myself: I was probably only spending $20 a week, which is two trips to KFC, but it was quite wasteful. Now I had a blog, I figured I could spend that on fabric instead. And I did. But now, I'm so far ahead of myself in big plans I've pretty much stopped. The only new ones I've come up with recently that I haven't immediately created are my bucket-list big rainbow quilt and a hypothetical Central Park quilt, that I'm having to convince myself over and over again is only hypothetical. And I've got the blogosphere to go to every time I talk myself out of buying it on eBay. Which is every second day.

But here's the proof. I was buying two or three things a day. So far this year? 6 things. SIX!* And only one of them was a 99c saved search thing.

So, all up, that's a 50% success rate, 66.6% if you disregard #2. I'm happy with that, and you never know: maybe after I've done these monsters I'll put up some patterns, so I don't have to make any more.

So happy 300th post everyone. Here's to another 300!

*OMG, my x key won't work if I hold down the shift key as well. It works fine on it's own, and I can capslock and it'll work, but... that's just so weird...


  1. Congrats on the 300th post Sara. (Mine passed me by without even a whimper in December )I'm glad you started this blog and that we got to "meet".

    I think you've moved on past the ex thing.

    I was also an ebay addict. Still buy from there occasionally (usually from fabric links you provide - thanks ) but nowhere near as often as I used to.

    I've got two Central Park charm packs here I'm not likely to use any time soon. If they would help you out -let me know and I'll post em on up . Otherwise they'll sit here doing nothing for the next three years.

  2. Do you know, I've never done anything with charm packs, except put them on my eBay watch list where they stay for months. I'm thinking if I do well this weekend I might buy myself the fat quarter bundle - they're on eBay for about $120 for the 40, but I've also been thinking for a while now that I'd love to do one of those stacked coin quilts, and I think charm packs would do quite nicely. Trade you for some 30s reproduction fat quarters?

    PS: in the interests of full disclosure, they're American sized.