Friday, February 25, 2011

I blather. But I'm not the only one.

Today my favourite thing is communicating with the world. 100 years ago, back when phone numbers were a single digit, only the very privileged could talk to someone who wasn't in the same place as them, and that person had to have one of the few telephones too. They couldn't be too far away, and if you were down here in Australia, you didn't really have much hope of getting through to overseas.

Now, not only can anyone anywhere talk to pretty much anyone anywhere else, we have so many new and interesting ways of doing it. We can call them, just as they could 100 years ago, but we can do it from the car, we can do it walking down the street. We can send them an SMS, or an email. We can facebook them or put out a tweet or, of course, we can blog. 

This is, loosely speaking, my third blog, after two highschool ones that generally existed for the purposes of whinging about my teenage life. This is probably better, since it has a bit more of a purpose, but my insistence on posting every night means there's a lot of drivel in there amoungst the good bits. I'm sure this has alienated some people, who would prefer a quilting only blog and lots of pretty pictures but no matter. There's plenty of them about, because whether people acknowledge their liking of it or not, the free spread of information and the ability of the common person to post their thoughts for all and sundry to read has had a wonderful affect on the world we live in.

If nothing else, it gives us something to do when we wake up, when we take a break, when we go to bed, and when we have better things we really should be doing.

Hello world :)

P.S. Since you're all here, quick question on commenting etiquette: how late is too late to post a comment on a post? I tend to not if more than a day has passed, or if a post has been done since, since it could seem weird and stalkerey, like I'm going through your history like an obsessed fan. But then I feel bad about not having commented, especially if I've been away from a comment-able internet (ie. not my phone) for a few days. Thoughts please?


  1. I agree! I love the way we can communicate with people all over -- and people from our past as well. As for the commenting, I love to get comments at any time -- but then I don't have many followers or people viewing my blog so I am thrilled with any and all comments.

  2. Communication is such a cool thing these days. I'm still in awe when I realize that I can share emails and blog comments with someone half way around the world.

    I someetimes don't get a chance to read blogs for a couple of days due to work and kiddo's schedule. I'll leave a comment up to a couple of days after a post. Like Thea, I like comments at any time, doesn't matter if it's a recent post or not.

  3. I too love sharing things in blog land and being able to connect with people all over the world. To your question, I welcome comments anytime. I feel honored when anyone goes back and reads my old posts and comments.

  4. I think its amazing that someone can ring you on the phone from anywhere in the world and you can recognise their voice, that is amazing in itself, I will never understand how the internet works either, it just does and we dont have to understand how these things work to use them luckily

  5. I think your favorite thing, is sometimes my least favorite thing, and sometimes the best.

    Occasionally I wish a little less communication, but can't seem to make myself unplug. I think it must be that love to talk thing I have going on. Maybe another trip to the woods is called for. No cell, internet, blogs, TV, or even electricity. It is relaxing and also makes me appreciate all the ways I can communicate.

  6. great favourite! And about commenting....I love to stroll through new blogs and see what people did before I came along and I do comment. Whx not tell people they do great things even if they did them a year ago...
    My problem is to get back a people in time..and I feel bad if I don´t do that.

  7. I love your post Sara . Some days I hate my mobile phone because it means I can be found anywhere at anytime but mostly ease of communication is a good thing I think. Email and blogs have opened the world up in a way that still blows my mind. I love that I can communicate instantly with people half a world away. Your generation are great social communicators. (I'm going to confess I really dont see the point of twitter ...)

    Regarding commenting- I still comment on posts that are days old with people I follow or know. And if I find a great idea from an old post out there is blogland I always go back and leave a comment thanking the person for posting the idea in the first place. Usually I stay on top of blog and email commenting but when I dont do that for a few days - wow - it's overwhelming the amount of commenting I do!

    Thanks for linking up to FTF this week.

  8. I'm mostly a quilt blog lover, but I like blogs where we learn about a person - it makes the world seem friendlier to know someone in another country. As far as old posts, I will comment on a post I like in a new blog whether it was yesterday or two month's ago if I like the content and feel like encouraging the blogger - especially quilt blogs. It's like reading an older book by an author and they like to hear that there are people out there reading and appreciating what they wrote.

  9. I agree I love being able to phone people all over the world and stay in contact. Skype is even better! We moved around a lot so I have friends who live in NZ, the U.K and all over Australia. Sometimes they move overseas so it's great to be able to keep in contact with them.
    I love comments and I think it's great if people take the time to go back through old posts and comment.

  10. After I forgot my cell phone yesterday I'll admit I felt a little vulnerable - I had to drive 30 minutes and I was trying to drop taxes off at a new address - it was a weird feeling - to be unable to connect.

    love this post -

    Happy FTF