Thursday, September 22, 2011


Although I sometimes do, I try to not get my geek on too much on this blog. Tonight however, I must. Facebook has changed it's layout. Yet again. It's rather annoying. And the usual trick of switching to UK English hasn't worked.

However, while I was doing this I noticed a new language you can use. English (pirate). So now I'm Cap'n Sara, instead of liking something I "Aye" it and instead of commenting, I "weigh in"

And instead of the usual (so and so) likes this, people "be eyein' this with pleasure" or "find this pleasin' to the eye."

A status is a "Cap'n's Log" and one is no longer in a relationship, one "sails steady."

I no longer have Events, I now have "Grog fests" (okay, so that's not really a change) and I no longer post what's on my mind, I talk about "What be troublin' me..."

It really is making me happy in the pants. The happy in the pants feeling outweighs the annoyance of the new layout. So if you're annoyed by the new layout, and want to feel happy in the pants, here's what you do.

On the little down arrow where it says Home next to your name, pick "account settings". Click the edit button next to language and pick English (pirate). Save your changes, and yar scurvey self shall be aprreciat'in this.


  1. I read hour post to Miss P who had a major spit last night when she discovered the Facebook changes. She said she did what you did (changing back to UK English ) and said that worked for her.

    I kind of like the idea of you talking pirate though.

  2. I must be oblivious, I didn't notice much of a change with facebook. Perhaps I'm just too tired to care. I'll go back and check. Maybe I'll try using pirate English too.

    although they did boot me out of a Texas Hold 'Em hand I was winning ..