Thursday, September 15, 2011

Maybe maybe...

New Spotlight catalogue comes with a spend-$100-save-$30 voucher, which isn't as good as the old save-$40 ones were but is still very tempting. New Lincraft catalogue has some sweet looking precuts and it says you can buy online but their website is munted and apparently, according to it, you can't. Still, I have tomorrow off, so I'm feeling some shopping coming on. Bit of a shame really, since I'm feeling more and more like it's time to get a new phone. Which would leave no money for new fabric.

Decisions, decisions.

I just decided I'll go to bed and decide later :)


  1. I got one of those Spotlight vouchers and got really pissed off..I bought 17.5 metres of batting last week. I would have held off if I'd have known it was coming!

    I need a new phone desperately...what should I get?

  2. I can't wait to go to Spotlight .. on my list of to dos. which will give you more hours of joy?? go with that one.