Friday, September 9, 2011

My Sunnies.

I feel bad saying that my favourite thing today is my sunnies when I don't have a picture of me wearing them. Two reasons for this - a) everyone's gone to bed and b) I can't find an SD card for my camera to even have a shoddy go at taking one of myself.

Oh, hangon, I do have one picture of me and Meegs*.

But they're my regular sunnies. I have them three times now, one in a fantastic baby-poo shade of brown and two in black, as above. They're from target and the first two cost me $20 a pair, but I went in yesterday and found a pair for $5. I also bought a pair of men's aviators for $5, which are the ones I'm quite excited about. I've always longed to have a nice pair of aviators, but they've always looked terrible.

Oh, I've just remembered I have a webcam.

Oh, I've just remembered that any photos you take of yourself on a webcam will be really really crap.

But that's not the point. The point is that aviators are bitchin'. Except when you forget that you're not wearing your regular sunnies, and you put them on top of your head, and the little nose-stand bits get caught in your hair.

That blows.

*She once told me that she hates it when people call her Meegs, just as I told her that I hate it when people call me Sez, and usually I do. But, in much the same way that Mum or Casey can get away with it, it turns out that when you're actual, proper, unspoken language, finding out secrets months before everyone else friends, shortening of names is suddenly okay. Meegs is my other favourite today, but she's my fave every day, so I'm not sure that that counts.


  1. Very nice! I have an aversion to sunglasses myself and refuse as a matter of principle .. probably rebelling against my parents or something. Also, I always seem to lose them.. that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

  2. Nice sunnies. I lose mine too often to spend more than $5. So I have quite a few and am happy to find one (any old one, no faves) when I need to. :-)

  3. I never go out without them. Learned a new term today - sunnies - I like that.

  4. Cute glasses! I always put them in my hair and wince when they get caught. I could just feel that while reading your post!

  5. Nice glasses! It's all about attitude in your favorite sunnies, isn't it?

  6. Oh the joy of new "Sunnies" I had laser surgery years ago and the first thing I bought was sun glasses, I have lots of them in different colours. $5 bucks is a great buy even at Target.
    Fun post too, oooooh the hair thing is somehting we've all done.

  7. Finding a pair of sunglasses you love is like going bathers shopping. You can search forever and not find the right pair and one day boom! There they are. You have to snap them up when you see them!

    Love the new aviators. You look very cool and happening.

    You just reminded me I need to go and get a new pair of sunnies. Old people like myself worry about wrinkles when we dont wear them...

  8. I'm like Shay, it takes me ages to find sunnies I like. I think I have a difficult nose to fit glasses of any sort actually... and I hate wearing them too. Have to take them off if I want to "see" something. wierd eh?

  9. I always go to the Cancer Council for my sunnies, they are reasonably cheap and they are going to do what they are supposed to do I don't think in Australia we can do with out them but it is hard to find a pair that is just right. I usually always go for the same shape everytime.