Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's a not so bad...

If there is one good thing about hand sewing, it's that it's very easy, physically, to unpick. You still feel like a failure when you're doing it, but the difficulty is in exact reverse proportion to when you've done it by machine. I'm so used to the whole "it takes just a second to sew, and 35 minutes to unpick" thing that you get when you make a mistake on the machine that for it to be the opposite feels weird.

Still, my revised lace placement is only about quarter of the length of the old one, so really, it's not like I've created any more sewing to be done (since I was only half done to begin with) Yay for fractions!

Other than that, I have packed 95% of the stuff I need to, and plenty of stuff I don't* - all that remains is to find my bathers (yay 4 star hotel with indoor heated swimming pool) and the jeans that are currently in the dryer, but I'll be wearing them in the car on the way up so I don't know that they count. I've charged up the cameras and the palm pilots and picked about half my music that I want for my hour of designated stereo time - here's a question for you all: hard rock covers of classic country songs, sacrilege, or a clever, sneaky underhand way to have country music playing in the car without the driver knowing it? He's quite insistent that no country is to be played, but you'd be surprised how well "Goodbye Earl" by The Dixie Chicks translates. Hell, boy beats up girl, girl and friends murder boy is practically standard emo-song fare, just, you know, cooler when it's upbeat and contains a bit of nah-nah-nah-nahing. I've added it to my hour of music just to see Meagan's face when she hears it.

*I was feeling really good about not having packed a whole heap of unnecessary stuff until I found myself looking in a cupboard and thinking, "hmmm, should I pack that tent? I might need it..." (it's okay, I'm not taking the tent)


  1. It's only country music if it's country music .. hard rock covers don't count.

  2. If anyone can pull off sneaking a country song in there you can. I bet by the time the song hits to first chorus you'll have everyone singing it!

  3. I think it's funny that people either absolutely love country or want nothing to do with it. I don't think I have ever met someone inbetween.