Monday, September 12, 2011

Where were you?


  1. I was in bed. I think most 13 year olds were - it was nearly midnight local time. Nana Joy was staying over and I remember Dad coming down to our end of the house to get her up. He said "you have to come see this. A plane has just crashed"

    I terrible at remembering stuff and I'd struggle to tell you of anything that happened in the weeks preceding or following. It was a moment in time that will never be forgotten by those of us who experienced it.

    I think the reason I like this song so much is that with just a few changes it could sum up almost any catastrophic event in history. What it's really about is incomprehension, about the world being big and us being small, and how we as human beings try to cope with that.

    I'm not religious and I don't believe in a god, but I respect that people find comfort and solace in their beliefs, in the same way that I find comfort and solace in the knowledge that the human experience is universal, that everybody loves and hurts and feels just like you or I do, even when sometimes it feels like you're the only one doing those things. If nothing else, I think this song reminds us that we aren't alone, that we need other people and that other people need us, and that because of that we should just keep doing our best every day. Not necessarily to excel or compete, but just to be the most decent, fair, kind, just human beings we can, in the hope that others will be too.

  2. I woke up to the news of the attacks. I couldn't believe it . I sat down and watched it all on TV and I will never forget some of the footage they showed that morning.

    There will always be people who do evil . We just have to remember that they are a small minority in this big wide world of ours and that most people are just trying to live the best life they can.

  3. Thanks for the song .. living in California I was a world away from what happened. I was driving to work .. didn't turn the TV on before I left the house (which never, ever happens). I dropped the kids off at school and then turned the radio on. The pop music stations I listen to were not playing music, they were reporting. They were somber and serious. I knew something bad had happened. I can remember exactly where I was when I heard that the buildings had collapsed. I didn't even know what they were at the time ..

    enough rambling. thanks again for the song.