Thursday, September 29, 2011


I had planned on a lovely, coherent post for tonight, but then I ate half a block of cheese and that always does funny things to my head, so I've decided to ramble instead.

It makes me sad when I open the fridge and find out that we have no fritz. And then I think of all the poor people interstate and overseas who have never had fritz in their fridge, ever. They're missing out on the delicious, finely textured, slightly dubious processed meat of the gods. Fritz whups devon's arse.

I'm really not good at sizing cases for small electronic items. As they get bigger, a half centimetre of leeway is less of a concern, but for an 8cm wide phone, it makes a big difference. For instance - My phone fits perfectly, if it doesn't have the jelly case on it.

I can't take a photo of it with the phone in it, because I'm using my phone to take the photo. It's a vicious cycle.

I can't find the smaller bag magnets. This makes me sad too.

Magnets on little narrow flaps are about the hardest things to do in the whole wide world. Turning them right-way-out is like childbirth, but without the screaming and the blood. Well, sometimes there's that too, but they don't give you special drugs for it. And then you sew it on about 5mm too far down on the back, so it doesn't sit quite right.

Or maybe the magnet just needs to be further from the edge?

The bruise I got on my leg on monday when I was being a mountain goat really really hurts. When my leg jiggles as I walk it hurts. When I sit down and my jeans pull tight on it it hurts. I was favouring the other leg today. It's a freaking bruise, it shouldn't be causing me to limp. But it hurts.

I even took a photo of it, and unlike most photos of bruises it even looks really bad. But my thigh is a bit hairy.

Today Meagan and I went to look at engagement rings. For her, not me, obviously. We were kinda agreed on our favourite, but the lady that she knew at the jewellers was trying to talk her out of it, because it came from the other jewellers. But we agreed, it was our favourite. And that lady that she knew (Meagan was friends with her daughter in primary school) was kinda annoying.

I took Kelsey her birthday present, a mini backpack in another of the fabrics I made her quilt in, and completely forgot to take photos of it. Whoops.

Would it be easier or harder, do you think, to make a case using only the measurements of the device without a physical device itself? Would the numbers 175, 15, 272 make it easier or harder than having something to plop on my ruler for a size reference?

I need some gray fabric. Gray is not a prominent colour in my stash.


  1. If you let me know what size bag magnets you need, I'll pop down to Spotty's here and see if they have them Sara. It wont take half a moment for me to chuck them in a bag and send them to you.

    The phone case is very pretty. I do like that fabric.

    I broke my toe this week and it hurts like a bitch. I'd take a picture of it but my toenails are so long they look like dinosaur claws.

    You're talking maths- I tuned out .

  2. So sad you forgot to take a picture of the backpack. I would have loved to have seen it. I agree, the case is very pretty. I think it's easier to make the case with the device so you can make adjustments as you go -- without it, no adjustments.