Monday, September 19, 2011


One I'd assembled the bundle for my latest quilt, I was really happy with it. When it was out on the floor, I wasn't so sure anymore. But that could have been that it wasn't yet on point. It looked quite bland at right angles. 45ing it perked it up, but I was busy being glad that I could shuffle my corners into sides without having to unpick a heap of blocks and after 7 straight hours of quilting my sense of design had kinda turned to mush. It wasn't as briliant as the potential of the bundle had seemed, but it was nice.

Then yesterday I was looking at it hanging in front of the curtain and I really didn't like it. It was too bland, to pastel, a bit wishy washy and I'd decided I didn't like the darker stripe anymore.

Today I'm looking at it and I love it. Can't wait till next week when I'm on holidays, my legs are working again, I can piece it a backing, quilt it really densely and bind it in a nice bright green. Chuck it in the wash so it goes all crinkly and maybe hibernate under it for a week. Love it.

Does this happen to other people? Do you fall in and out of love with something every 45minutes or so? Or am I just hideously indecisive?

Gosh, I hope this doesn't happen if/when I have kids.


  1. for me, I go back and forth on some quilts where I think they look good and then I wish I'd done something different .. I'm that way with spiderman, for example.

    as for my kids, sometimes I want to send them back (different ones on different days .. however, this feeling decreases with time) and many times I wish I'd done something different. However, I always love them ..

  2. i always say if I don't like the quilt top flimsy, I will love it after it is quilted. Which is probably why I don't decide if I like them or not till after I pull them out of the dryer.

  3. I go back and forth too, most of my quilts go through the same process some days I love it other days I think it's crap. I agree with Thea on kids, I'll always love mine but some days, hmmmmm............

  4. I either love my quilts or don't often from about 3/4 of the way through finishing the top. For those I really dont like - that makes it very hard to push through to a finish. I quite often change my mind though once it's quilted (especially if I send it out to be done and my quilting person does something uber-cool )

    I've wanted to swap Miss P on a few occasions...