Saturday, September 17, 2011


Today I am loving a spontaneous (if badly photographed) new quilt top.

This started Wednesday night; while I was waiting for Anna to finish work and come to the gym I sat in my car reading the new catalogues. Lincraft had some coordinated bundles of fat quarters for $13 so I went in Thursday and got one of them, and I mix and matched myself one of the regular bundles to go with. Spotlight's catalogue had a spend-$50-save-$10 voucher in it, and the new DS fabrics were already on sale, so they ended up under $10 a metre. There's about 1 1/4 metres in amoungst this quilt top, and the pink and green check is definitely my fave. For the back I've bought the green floral, and I kept enough of the fats to do a bit of piecing too.

Even though I've done this design (I'd hesitate to call it a patern) a few times before, it's always been for the back of a quilt, and set on point, because that way you don't have to match your quilting lines. This time I decided to make it for the front, and originally I sorted it out to not be on point - just a regular 4 by 4 square.

But for some reason that seemed kinda boring. The shift to being on point required only two small bits of unpicking - as of the photo above, they were just neatly laid out blocks - and by shifting and cutting in half the corner blocks to fill in some gaps, it all came together as a 15 block quilt instead. If you tilt your head, you'll notice the centre 4 blocks are the same.

I think I kinda needed to do something like this in an attempt to force myself out of my rut. For all that the Cadbury Snack quilt is very nice, it's a bit boring as far as the actual work goes... there's not much to inspire progress. This took a while to do - I started about 7pm, spent a loooong time staring at layouts and shifting them (everyone always comes and has an input. Sometimes there's fights) got distracted by the footy (Go Hawks!) got seriously stuck into it, changed my mind about the direction, and spent another loooong time staring at it, this time with the help of a bit of paper scribbled on and chopped up, and the second photo with bits cut, pasted and rotated.

Once the research was done and the theory sorted out, I promised myself chocolate when I finished and got it all done. I usually really struggle with the last few seams of getting it together, but it seems chocolate works as an incentive.

I do like chocolate.


  1. It looks a lot more visually stunning done on point Sara. I think you made the right choice and teeny tiny bit of unpicking was worth it.

    I cannot believe you made it in two days. I think that means you're back chickadee.

    Have a wonderful weekend. (Despite the fact you have to work )

  2. It's amazing how much difference it makes on point. Iwish I could finish a quilt top in two days. I love chocolate, unfortunately.

  3. Looks great Sara and I think chocolate is an incentive worthy of works for me.

  4. Wow! What a difference turning it on point makes. Great job, Sara! Umm...chocolate is not only a necessity. It's a requirement when sewing. ☺ Happy FTF!

  5. I like how it looks either way - but I do think setting them on point gives it more character :-) I think I always work better when there is a tasty reward awaiting!

    ~ Meagan