Friday, September 30, 2011


Casey was watching old episodes of Angel on my bed and she must have had dirty shoes cause there's nasty gritty stuff all over my quilts :( Grumble mumble mumble.

So today I started working on a tablet case using only measurements found on the specs page. It's about a third done, since it shall be quite embellished, but I figure, even if it isn't a perfect fit, there's so many different tablets, all with dimensions a few millimetres different, that it will fit something. Yay positivity!

I had to go with a slightly darker grey than I wanted to because the local shops had a depressing lack of options. I considered doing the machine embroidery in white instead of black so it would show up more but then I thought - I'm not that good at freehand machine embroidery. Maybe it's better if you can't see it as clearly. I've done an okay job considering. And it didn't shrink it down too much, so it should still fit okay.

The other thing I did today was put a heap of little x and w on a calendar to work out what weekends I'm working for the next few months. Since it seems I'm not working the weekend of the 20th November, we'll be doing the Mini-Me market again - hopefully we'll do a bit better with it being just before Christmas.


  1. I hate grit on the happens here a lot. Dogs the size of horses aren't very particular about tracking in all sorts of grot.

    Sounds like you;re enjoying a bout of creativity during your holidays. I recall when you did the market last year . I think it's cool you're thinking about another go.

  2. I usually end up with crumbs on the bed .. just as bad. I would think before Christmas would be a great time to do market ..