Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Planning ahead.

I know it was wildly optimistic of me but today I went into Spotlight to buy some more fabrics for the back of the new quilt, which I'm realising more and more (as I blog about it) desperately needs a name. Maybe Offset. I like that.

So yeah, today I went and bought some more fabrics for the back of the Offset quilt. I'd already bought 1.2m of a green floral, and kept a 10x40cm piece of all the front fabrics, but I wanted some brighter fabrics too. And I had to get them now, because I didn't want to get home and find I had the urge, but not the materials to follow through.

The bottom green is the print I have lots of, and I got 20cm of each of the others (and a fat quarter of the yellow because they were out of yardage). The maroony print is the same as the green, the blue fabric with the little flowers* is on the other side too, and the peach with the flowers is from a totally different range but it goes quite nicely. The other green is what I've chosen (so far) for the binding - I may go with something brighter in the end.

Since the urge didn't strike tonight I've still got to work out what I even want to do with the back - I need to start by measuring the front but I can't find any of the 43 million tape measures I own.

Oh, just realised, math. 37.5 (block width), a2 + b2 = c2 (53.033), quilt is 3 point-set blocks long and 2.5 point-set blocks wide, quilt measures approx 159x132cm. Yay for math! It's easier than getting up and finding a tape measure...

Obviously, this is a really really horrible rendering, but maybe something like this.

It will not, thankfully, look anything like that drawing.

*I get really really bad deja vu every time I look at this fabric. I am so, so sure I have seen it, or something really really really similar before. It's driving me a little bonkers.


  1. Where do tape measure disappear to? I have at least 5 and can never find one when I need it in a hurry!

    I'm sure the back will look wonderful. I don't think the rendering is too bad actually!

  2. Love the fabrics for the back; I am sure it will look amazing. pictures please. which reminds me. I don't remember seeing any pictures of your renovated room .. it's entirely possible that you posted them and I forgot -- y'know old age and all...

    I have a few tape measures here I can send you ...