Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ooohhh, Aaahhh...

Today, I bought a new phone. After spending at least half an hour a day for the last two weeks looking at damn near every phone on the internet, today I wandered into the shopping centre, went to one of the three phone shops and signed up for a 24month plan.

I've never been on a plan before. I'd always bought my phone outright and chucked my same worn-out prepaid SIM in there. But since I've recently had to change from buying $30 credits to $40 ones, I figured maybe I was better looking at a plan. I was a bit worried all the phones would either be crap or extra, and at the Telstra shop they were. The top of the line Samsung Galaxy S2 was only available on the $79 a month plan, and you had to pay $20 on top of that for the handset. I wasn't even looking for the top of the line. I was looking for the upper middle of the line, the ones that cost about $400 outright, not the ones that cost $800 outright.

And then I went to the Optus shop, and they had it on the $49 cap plan, with no handset charge. So I got it.

I'm gunna claim it was the combination of a nice big holiday paycheck (though haven't even been charged the $49 so far) and my being sad that the dollar had taken a tumble (I was gunna buy a handset from overseas) that led me to getting it. That and that it's pretty, and that it was the one I'd picked as my money no object Android phone. And it has a dual-core 1.2Ghz processor. All the geeks out there would be nodding their head appreciatively at that. This thing has more processing power than my first laptop, and that was only 6 years ago.

It's got a massive 4.3 inch screen, but it's scary skinny and light. I bought the biggest case I could find to bulk it up a little. I think I feel the same way about it that some people think about me: "oh no, be careful, there's nothing of it, you might break it..."

I can facebook and blog from it and it's got an 8mp camera.

Unlike all my other pictures, I haven't shrunk this down. I took the photo, the phone put it in my Picassa album, I uploaded it to the blog. Take a closer look if you wanna see how shoddy my quilting is)

I'm involved in two intense scrabble battles (I just played archive for 48 points) have put about a quarter of my music collection and half a season of Buffy on it, and apparently, you can make and receive calls with it.


  1. First, I love your quilt! I am happy for you and your new phone. I still have a fairly stone age model, but it's all I need. My brother, a techie, calls it the "phone of shame." Whatev, it's cheap!

  2. Congrats on your new phone! I like the quilt too. Stopping in from FTF.

  3. I love buying new stuff but the thought of buying a new phone/anything electronic is daunting because I fear making a huge mistake. Congratulations for just going for it (after hours of research if I know you!)

    I am going to email you about this tablet/notebook thing . I seriously need help and nobody here is a techie!

  4. Yay for new techie gadgets. I really like my HTC but I'm going back to Apple when the iPhone 5 comes out. Everything else I own is Mac and it will be so much easier to sync stuff.
    Your quilt is looking pretty darn cute.

  5. I am not even sure that that phone is. I am all iPhone though.

  6. Love your phone and your quilt. I'm scared to purchase a phone of your caliber. With my kids, it would probably end up in the toilet. ☺ Happy FTF!

  7. Cool phone. It's so amazing what they can do now and the memory is amazing. I remember when 1 gig was a big hard drive on a desk top computer.

    Love your quilt. The plaids really make it work.

  8. I don't go anywhere without my iphone now. Who needs a laptop and a chunky camera when you have a great phone.....oh yes I do make the odd call from mine too ;-)