Sunday, September 18, 2011


I can't walk. I can't sit down. I can't bend over. It's horrible.

Yesterday morning my parents went and got a couple of loads of firewood. Which means yesterday afternoon we had to unload a couple of loads of firewood. And since everyone else is scared of any height more than two foot above ground, I was the one on the back of the ute picking the bits up and passing them on. 45 solid minutes of lunging one way to pick up a log, and then lunging the other to pass it to Dad at the other end. And today, my thighs don't work. They just burn.

I had been thinking about doing some work on the Snack quilt. But that would involve walking, and sitting down, and bending over, and, worst of all, squatting. I don't have a design board, I have the lounge room floor. So quilting is out of the question.

To bed for a Bejewelled marathon it is then...


  1. Hopefully today you could do a gym class and not feel any pain although I fear that is unlikely.

    You'll just have to blob around watching TV for the day...

  2. Ow is right .. hopefully you are starting to recover ..