Saturday, March 3, 2012

Yay for stuff

Its yay for stuff time, but with a difference. Instead of being at home in my bed, with my sewing, I'm at booby-ella, our family's shack at Racecourse Bay. I'm chillin in my swag, in a room full of teenyboppers who all agreed they were bored and should go to bed, but who haven't shut up since then. Still, I've had a surprisingly enjoyable evening with a group if people I wouldn't normally like (rich, private school 17 year olds) who've been incredibly welcoming to my 24 year old formerly-public-schooled self. It may just have been because I had booze, but they all seemed genuinely warm and friendly. So yay for that, for starters.

And as I mentioned before, yay for my swag. I'd had out in the boot for a few weeks after Charlegrak and it was totally handy when it came to sorting out what to bring tonight. Honestly, I filled an esky with cider from the fridge, and my swag was already in the boot and so was my gym bag, with a handy change of clothes. Yay for my gym bag too.

Yay for jeans as well, especially super comfy ones I've had for ages. I didn't realise it till today, but with all the hot weather while I was at holidays and now being back at work, it's been about a fortnight since I've worn them.

Yay for sharp scissors, even though they stab you in the finger. Yay for safety eyes, because they're easier than sewing on buttons. Yay for polyfill for its smooth consistent stuffing properties.

Yay for grey. Its all of a sudden my new favorite fabric colour, and I've been looking at lots of greys on the internet. Yay for the blue and grey quilt, even though its barely started, because I can feel it's going to be awesome.

Yay for HSTs. Did I yay them last week? Possibly. My feelings towards them haven't changed.  Much like with miniatures, where half the size means twice the awesome, a quilt with HSTs looks twice as awesome as one with squares.

Yay for the bottle (bag) of water in my gym bag, which tastes way better than the rainwater here.

Yay for mini sausage rolls.

Yay for blogger on my phone.

Yay for not working fridays.

Yay for being warm and cozy and comfy and contented. I'd make a fantastic cat.

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  1. Im a big fan of mini sausage rolls. You can eat a lot and not feel guilty!