Saturday, March 10, 2012

Good. Nice. Likin it.

My favourite thing this 5am Saturday is the fact that the latest batch of monsters are all finished. But I'm also a big fan of fabric markers, and HSTs, and insisting that my 48 year old machine is as good as most of the machines in the $400 range of the market today (and I wonder how many of them will still be going in 48 years?)

Tomato sauce is pretty good too, as are facebook groups and spontaneous sewing gatherings.

Lipsmackers which are comically oversized amuse me, as do magnets, when you try to stick them together the wrong way. I am easily amused.

And realising that you made your test bag all wrong is a bit annoying, but then when, 5 minutes later, your brain points out that you know exactly how to do it, since you did it this way all the time about 3 years ago, well, it's a nice feeling to know that it will all be better next time.


  1. I suspect no machine made today and bought for 400 bucks will be going in 48 years. Way back when they knew how to make things to last.

  2. Hooray on the monster finish! Where are you selling them?

    I'm having a hard time coming up with a favorite this Friday evening .. well, it's almost Saturday so I best come up with something soon.