Friday, March 2, 2012

Pathetic. (Me. I'm pathetic. Not the monsters.)

So, with the new sharper pointier scissors that I bought yesterday, I started cutting more eyeholes in monsters this afternoon.

Well, I say started. I pushed the tip through the fabric and straight into my fingertip.

See that tiny, tiny spot on my fingertip? Look closely, it's tiny. It's been 14 hours and it hurts like hell. I'm a little bit of a sook, in case you haven't noticed. But I appear to own the world's sharpest, pointiest scissors, and they only cost me $7, which seems pretty good value...

Anyway, tonight after work I got the rest of the eyes done, I got all the little arms and horns sewed (all 62 of them) and I snipped all the inside curves and turned them all inside out and I've stuffed 30 of them, but I've run out of episodes of Long Way Down to watch and also, it's 3am.

Just to amuse myself, I've strung my little rope of arms across my fabric shelves - if you're going to mass produce 62 tiny arms, leave them in a chain together, because it makes them much easier to turn right way out and stuff. And you can hang them on your wall.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, here's Casey's poem:

The number of this Aristocrat,
Is the answer that you seek,
Don't get hooked on the Enchanted Forest,
We've a wedding this time next week.

Two to go, and about an hour tomorrow to do them in.


  1. isn't is frustrating that something that hurts so much doesn't look like it should hurt at all. Those little arms are so cute .. kinda creepy too.

    Love Casey's poem.

  2. Paper cuts hurt like hell too . Maybe it's the same kind of thing.

    There are lots of nerve endings just under the skin in that same spot -that's why it hurts so much.